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Catalog: part index from 10W(F)14.3K to 10W5R6J...

10W(F)14.3K 10W-.022E-5% 10W-.05-10
10W-.05-5 10W-.22-J 10W-0.05-OH-3%
10W-0.15E-5% 10W-0.18E-5% 10W-0.27E-5%
10W-0.33E-5% 10W-0.47E-5% 10W-0.56E-5%
10W-0.68E-5% 10W-0.82E-5% 10W-1
10W-1-ND 10W-1.1K-5% 10W-1.5-10
10W-1.5K-5% 10W-1.75K-5% 10W-100-5%
10W-100E-5% 10W-100J 10W-10K
10W-10KJ 10W-10ohms-1% 10W-120E-5%
10W-12E-5% 10W-12K-5% 10W-136030
10W-136138 10W-136146 10W-15E-5%
10W-15K-5% 10W-17.5K-5% 10W-180E-5%
10W-18E-5% 10W-18K-5% 10W-1K-10%
10W-1K-5% 10W-2-5 10W-2-ND
10W-2.25K-5% 10W-2.7K-5% 10W-20K-5%
10W-22.5K-5% 10W-22K-5% 10W-230
10W-25-10% 10W-25E-5% 10W-260-OH
10W-27E-5% 10W-27K-5% 10W-2K-1
10W-300 10W-33-5 10W-360E-J
10W-5 10W-5-6KOHM 10W-5-ND
10W-5.6K-5% 10W-500-10% 10W-51-1
10W-53.2 10W-5492 10W-55E-5%
10W-560E-5% 10W-56E-5% 10W-5K-5%
10W-6504612 10W-681 10W-6R8J
10W-7249700 10W-8320686 10W.036~1%
10W.05~1% 10W.1~1% 10W/10D
10W/18890-45Z 10W005OH3 10W010
10W0100299 10W0118267 10W012
10W0132904 10W0135692 10W0135720
10W0136087 10W014-0474 10W0140474
10W015 10W015E5 10W018
10W018E5 10W022 10W022E5
10W027 10W027E5 10W03
10W033 10W033E5 10W036OHMS110W
10W039 10W03P 10W03U
10W047 10W047E5 10W0510
10W055 10W056 10W056E5
10W068 10W068E5 10W075
10W082 10W082E5 10W082OH
10W1 10W1-1446 10W1-5R-1%-
10W100 10W1005 10W1005OHM
10W100E10 10W100E5 10W100HMJ
10W100J 10W100O 10W100OHM10
10W100OHM5 10W100OHMS 10W100V
10W101RJ 10W1022KOHM 10W102J
10W1032 10W104K50 10W1054447
10W10J 10W10KJ 10W10MR10
10W10MR5 10W10OHMS 10W10OHMS1
10W10V 10W110 10W1112
10W112 10W1124608 10W1127299
10W115 10W1179936 10W118
10W11K5 10W12 10W120E5
10W120OHM 10W120OHMS 10W122
10W125 10W125K5 10W127
10W12E5 10W12K5 10W12OHMJ
10W12R5B 10W12V 10W13
10W130V 10W133 10W135
10W135335 10W135664 10W135737
10W135739 10W136025 10W136030
10W136036 10W136138 10W136146
10W136376 10W136452 10W137225
10W138OHM 10W139 10W13R06OHM1
10W14.5V 10W140327 10W140442
10W140556 10W1418SY 10W1419S
10W147 10W14V 10W150S
10W1510 10W153 10W156
10W15E5 10W15K5 10W15KG
10W15KJ 10W15K~5% 10W15OHM1
10W15RJ 10W15V 10W160V
10W168 10W16V 10W1728060
10W174630 10W175K5 10W17K~3%
10W180E5 10W180RJ 10W182
10W1889045Z 10W18E5 10W18K5
10W18V 10W19.6K~1% 10W1955597
10W1D0 10W1D2 10W1D5
10W1D8 10W1DO 10W1F1896
10W1K05 10W1K10 10W1K5
10W1K5J 10W1K5RJ 10W1KG
10W1KOHM5 10W1ND 10W1NR
10W1OHM5 10W1R0 10W2
10W20 10W2005 10W200K1
10W200RJ 10W205 10W20J
10W20K0J 10W20K5 10W20KJ
10W20KJRXG5A 10W20OHM5 10W20OHM5PW5
10W20V 10W210 10W212
10W212 (BULK) 10W215 10W218
10W220V 10W222 10W2231751
10W2255PZ 10W225K5 10W227
10W22J 10W22K5 10W22OHMJ
10W22V 10W23 10W230
10W233 10W239 10W241063
10W243GT 10W247 10W24R9F
10W24V 10W24VITT 10W25
10W25-10 10W2506456 10W250E5
10W250RK 10W2510 10W251010
10W2521340 10W2521352 10W2521353
10W256 10W25E5 10W260OH
10W268 10W26R 10W27E5
10W27K5 10W27OHMS 10W27RJ
10W282 10W285 10W28V
10W2D0 10W2D2 10W2D7
10W2K1 10W2ND 10W2R
10W2R2 10W2R2J 10W3
10W3-20 10W300 10W3000399
10W3001499 10W300J 10W3013
10W305 10W30E5 10W310
10W311 10W312 10W315
10W318 10W3198210 10W320
10W322 10W327 10W33
10W330J 10W330KG 10W331J
10W335 10W33G 10W33K5
10W33K5WW 10W33OHMS 10W35
10W350E5 10W350OHJ 10W35E5
10W35K10 10W35K5 10W360EJ
10W36V 10W375E5 10W390E5
10W39E5 10W39KOHMS 10W39V
10W3BK 10W3BKND 10W3D3
10W3D9 10W3EJ 10W3K5
10W3MEG5 10W3R0 10W400E5
10W40E10 10W422OHM1 10W4305
10W432K 10W43V 10W44K5
10W45E5 10W45K5 10W4649183
10W4705 10W470E5 10W473H
10W47E5 10W47K5 10W47KJ
10W47OHM5 10W47R5 10W47V
10W489 10W48R7F 10W499E1
10W4D7 10W4E7J 10W4K5
10W4N 10W4R3JXX 10W5
10W5-2K 10W5005 10W501
10W505OHM 10W50KOHM ??????? 10W50OH
10W50OHJ 10W50OHM5 10W50V
10W5100OHM 10W510RB 10W511
10W515KOHM 10W5172596 10W51OHM
10W51R1FT 10W51V 10W5200
10W520RB 10W522KOHM 10W522OHM
10W524RB 10W52K 10W52R4
10W53 10W530 10W5300OHM
10W532 10W5330RB 10W5342521C28
10W53RB 10W5410 10W5411
10W5470 10W547OHM 10W547RB
10W5492 10W54R7B 10W5500
10W55E5 10W5605 10W560E5
10W560OHMS 10W561 10W5648670
10W565 10W56E5 10W56K5
10W56KOHM 10W56V 10W5741149
10W5750RB 10W5816726 10W5879320
10W590-599-027-1505 10W5905990113040 10W5905990271505
10W5D1 10W5D6 10W5K5
10W5K6RJ 10W5KJ 10W5KOHJ
10W5KOHMN1 10W5K_J 10W5ND
10W5OHM,5% 10W5OHM5 10W5R0K
10W5R1J 10W5R6J
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