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Catalog: part index from 2N5799 to 2N5919A/DSI...

2N5799 2N580 2N5800
2N5804 2N5804/DSI 2N58042
2N5804DSI 2N5805 2N5805/DSI
2N58052 2N5805DSI 2N5806
2N5807 2N5807CRC 2N5809
2N581 2N5810 2N5810 HOUSE
2N5811 2N5812 2N5812T
2N5813 2N5814 2N5814T
2N5815 2N5815-18 2N5815/WAB
2N581518 2N5815WAB 2N5816
2N5816/WAB 2N5816WAB 2N5817
2N5817/WAB 2N58172 2N5817WAB
2N5818 2N5818/WAB 2N5818CBE
2N5818T 2N5818WAB 2N5819
2N5819/WAB 2N58192 2N58192N5817
2N5819WAB 2N582 2N582 /ECG100
2N5820 2N5820HS 2N5821
2N5821HS 2N5821RL 2N5822
2N5822/WAB 2N5822WAB 2N5823
2N5823/WAB 2N5823MS 2N5823MSC
2N5823WAB 2N5824 2N5824***
2N5825 2N5825MS 2N5825MSC
2N5826 2N5827 2N5827A
2N5827L 2N5828 2N5828/SPR
2N5828A 2N5828SPR 2N5829
2N5829/TIC 2N5829C 2N5829TIC
2N582LL 2N582T 2N583
2N5830 2N5830 /ECG287 2N5830 D26Z
2N5830-FSC 2N5830-ND 2N5830/FSC
2N5830EBC 2N5830FSC 2N5830ND
2N5830RA 2N5830T 2N5831
2N5831 L 2N5831/CDIL 2N5831/FSC
2N5831CDIL 2N5831FSC 2N5832
2N5832/FSC 2N5832FSC 2N5832TA
2N5833 2N5833 SIL NPN 2N58332
2N5833NS 2N5833TRG 2N5835
2N5835-468 2N5835/DSI 2N5835/MOT
2N5835468 2N5835DSI 2N5836
2N5836 TO-206AB 2N5836SST 2N5836TO-206AB
2N5836TO206AB 2N5837 2N5838
2N58382 2N5839 2N5839/DSI
2N5839DSI 2N583OEBC 2N583T
2N584 2N5840 2N5840/DSI
2N5840DSI 2N5840JAN 2N5840JANTX
2N5841 2N5841/MOT 2N5842
2N5842/SST 2N5842SST 2N5843
2N5843M 2N5844 2N5845
2N5845/FSC 2N5845A 2N5845A/WAB
2N5845AWAB 2N5845FSC 2N5845TO92
2N5846 2N5847 2N5848
2N5848C 2N5848TIC 2N5849
2N5849B 2N5849C 2N5849D
2N5849E 2N5849F 2N585
2N585 S/LEGS 2N5851 2N5852
2N5853 2N5854 2N5855
2N5855/FSC 2N58552 2N5855FSC
2N5856 2N5856/SST 2N5856SST
2N5857 2N5858 2N5859
2N5859/DSI 2N5859A 2N5859DSI
2N585Q 2N585SLEGS 2N586
2N5860 2N5861 2N5861/DSI
2N5861DSI 2N5862 2N5862/RF
2N5864 2N5864/DSI 2N5864DSI
2N5865 2N5865/DSI 2N5865DSI
2N5867 2N5868 2N5868/DSI
2N5868DSI 2N5869 2N5869/MOT
2N587 2N5870 2N5870/DSI
2N58702 2N5870DSI 2N5871
2N5871/DSI 2N58712 2N5871DSI
2N5872 2N5872/DSI 2N5872DSI
2N5872TO3 2N5873 2N5874
2N5874/DSI 2N58742 2N5874DSI
2N5875 2N5875/DSI 2N5875/US
2N58752 2N5875DSI 2N5875TO3
2N5875US 2N5876 2N5876-MBR
2N5876-MET 2N5876/ 2N5876/DSI
2N58762 2N58762SA10512N5880 2N5876MBR
2N5876MET 2N5876SGS 2N5877
2N5877DSI 2N5878 2N5878/DSI
2N5878/STM 2N58782 2N5878DSI
2N5878SGS 2N5878STM 2N5878TO3
2N5879 2N5879/DSI 2N5879/RCA
2N58792 2N58798 2N5879DSI
2N5879MOT 2N5879T 2N5879TO3
2N587ETCO 2N587G 2N588
2N588/ETC 2N5880 2N5880HM
2N5881 2N5881/DSI 2N58812
2N5881A 2N5881DSI 2N5881SP
2N5881SPHSE 2N5882 2N5882 HSE#
2N5882-DIE 2N5882/DSI 2N58822
2N5882DIE 2N5882DIE2 2N5882DSI
2N5882HSE 2N5883 2N5883-MAG
2N5883/DSI 2N58832 2N5883DSI
2N5883MAG 2N5883TO3 2N5884
2N5884 TRANSISTOR 2N5884 MIL 2N5884-BI
2N5884-ST 2N5884/US 2N58840
2N58842 2N5884BI 2N5884F
2N5884METAL 2N5884S 2N5884ST
2N5884TO3 2N5884US 2N5885
2N5885 TRANSISTOR 2N5885 TRANS TI/89 2N5885********
2N5885-MOT-84. 2N5885/DSI 2N5885/MOT
2N58850 2N58852 2N5885DSI
2N5885MP 2N5885SGS 2N5885ST
2N5885TO3 2N5885TO3A 2N5886
2N5886 JAN 2N5886-MBR 2N5886-ST
2N5886/SST 2N58860 2N58862
2N5886JAN 2N5886JAN2 2N5886MBR
2N5886ST 2N5886TI 2N5886TO3
2N5887 2N5888 2N58883
2N5889 2N588A 2N588ETC
2N589 2N5892 2N5893
2N5894 2N5895 2N5896
2N5897 2N5898 2N59
2N59/DSI 2N590 2N5900
2N5901 2N5902 2N5903
2N5904 2N5904/D(CHIP) 2N5905
2N5905/NSC 2N5905NSC 2N5906
2N5906T 2N5907 2N5908
2N59082 2N5909 2N59092
2N5909DSI 2N5909NSC 2N591
2N5910 2N5910SIEMENS 2N5911
2N5911 X 2N5911-12 2N5911-2
2N5911/CAL 2N5911/SIX 2N59110
2N59112 2N59115 2N5911CAL
2N5912 2N5912-1 2N5912-SIX-89.
2N59121 2N59122 2N5912C
2N5912NSC 2N5912NZF 2N5912P
2N5912S 2N5912XCHIP 2N5913
2N5913C 2N5913TIC 2N5914
2N5914C 2N5914TIC 2N5915
2N5915C 2N5915TIC 2N5916
2N5917 2N5918 2N5919
2N5919A 2N5919A/DSI
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