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Catalog: part index from 2SA120YTE12L to 2SA1268KEC...

2SA120YTE12L 2SA121 2SA1210
2SA1210-SAN 2SA1210-SSAN 2SA1210R
2SA1210S 2SA1210SAN 2SA1210SAY
2SA1210SSAN 2SA1210T 2SA1211
2SA1213 2SA1213-O 2SA1213-TOS
2SA1213-V 2SA1213-Y 2SA1213-Y-TE12
2SA1213-Y-TE12LC-TOS 2SA1213-Y-TE12R 2SA1213-YTE12
2SA1213-YTE12LC 2SA1213-YTE12R 2SA1213-YTOS
2SA1213O 2SA1213OTE12L 2SA1213TOS
2SA1213TTE12RC 2SA1213V 2SA1213XX
2SA1213Y 2SA1213Y-NY 2SA1213Y-TE121C
2SA1213Y-TE12L 2SA1213Y-TE12LC 2SA1213Y-TE12R
2SA1213YCMS 2SA1213YNY 2SA1213YT
2SA1213YT2RNDC 2SA1213YTE12 2SA1213YTE121C
2SA1213YTE12L 2SA1213YTE12LC 2SA1213YTE12LCTOS
2SA1213YTE12R 2SA1213YTE12RC 2SA1213YTE12RL
2SA1213YTYP 2SA1214 2SA1215
2SA1215-O 2SA1215-P 2SA1215-SKN
2SA12152SC2921 2SA1215N 2SA1215O
2SA1215P 2SA1215SKN 2SA1215WS
2SA1215Y 2SA1216 2SA12162SC2922
2SA1216DIV 2SA1216G 2SA1216N
2SA1216P 2SA1216P2SC2922P 2SA1216PMC
2SA1216SANK 2SA1216SK 2SA1216SST
2SA1216WS 2SA1216XX 2SA1216Y
2SA1217 2SA1218A-Q 2SA1218AQ
2SA1219 2SA121YTE12R 2SA122
2SA1220 2SA1220-A 2SA1220-AO
2SA1220-AR 2SA1220A 2SA1220A-MBR
2SA1220AMBR 2SA1220AO 2SA1220AOKSA1220A
2SA1220AOKSA1220AO 2SA1220AP 2SA1220AR
2SA1220AY 2SA1220Y 2SA1221
2SA1221-SAN 2SA1221-T 2SA1221-T-L
2SA1221SAN 2SA1221T 2SA1221TL
2SA1222 2SA1223 2SA1224
2SA1224K 2SA1225 2SA1225 Y
2SA1225-TOS 2SA1225-Y 2SA1225-Y SMD
2SA1225O 2SA1225TE16L 2SA1225TOS
2SA1225Y 2SA1225YSMD 2SA1226
2SA1226-E3 2SA1226-E4 2SA1226-L
2SA1226-SMD 2SA1226-T1 2SA1226-T1B
2SA1226-T1BW4 2SA1226-T2B 2SA1226-TIB
2SA1226E3 2SA1226E4 2SA1226KTA
2SA1226L 2SA1226SMD 2SA1226T
2SA1226T1 2SA1226T1B 2SA1226T1BW4
2SA1226T2B 2SA1226TIB 2SA1226TT
2SA1227 2SA1227A 2SA1227F5
2SA1229 2SA1231 2SA1232
2SA1232P 2SA1233 2SA1234
2SA1235 2SA1235-E-T1 2SA1235-E-TI
2SA1235-T12 2SA1235-T12-1E 2SA1235-T12-1F
2SA1235-T12-2E 2SA1235-T12-2F 2SA1235A
2SA1235A-E 2SA1235A-T12 2SA1235A-T12-1E
2SA1235A-T12-1F 2SA1235AE 2SA1235AT12
2SA1235AT121E 2SA1235AT121F 2SA1235E
2SA1235E-MC-13-29-27 2SA1235EMC132927 2SA1235ET1
2SA1235ETI 2SA1235F 2SA1235MF
2SA1235MIT 2SA1235MITS 2SA1235T
2SA1235T12 2SA1235T121E 2SA1235T121F
2SA1235T122E 2SA1235T122F 2SA1236
2SA1236F 2SA1237 2SA1237E
2SA1237F 2SA1237F-6B-TJ 2SA1237F6BTJ
2SA1238 2SA12385-Z-E1-K-H 2SA12385ZE1KH
2SA1238G 2SA1239 2SA1239-FSAN
2SA1239FSAN 2SA1239FSANY 2SA1239G
2SA124 2SA124-SMD 2SA1240
2SA1240-GSAN 2SA1240-SAN 2SA1240G
2SA1240GR 2SA1240GSAN 2SA1240SAN
2SA1241 2SA1241-TOS 2SA1241-Y
2SA1241TOS 2SA1241TOSH 2SA1241Y
2SA1241Y-AT 2SA1241YAT 2SA1241YLB
2SA1241YTE1 2SA1241YTE12L 2SA1241YTE16L
2SA1242 2SA1242-TOS 2SA1242-Y
2SA1242-YTE16L 2SA1242SANY 2SA1242TOS
2SA1242Y 2SA1242Y-TE16L 2SA1242YLB
2SA1242YTE16L 2SA1242YTOSH 2SA1243
2SA1244 2SA1244-O 2SA1244-TE16L
2SA1244-TOS 2SA1244-Y 2SA1244-Y-TE16L
2SA1244-Y-TP 2SA12440 2SA12442
2SA124487 2SA1244O 2SA1244TE
2SA1244TE16L 2SA1244TE16R 2SA1244TOS
2SA1244XX 2SA1244Y 2SA1244Y-TE16R
2SA1244Y-TL16R 2SA1244Y2 2SA1244YTE16
2SA1244YTE16L 2SA1244YTE16R 2SA1244YTL16R
2SA1244YTL16R2 2SA1244YTP 2SA1245
2SA1245-GURT 2SA1245GURT 2SA1245TE85L
2SA1245WMD 2SA1246 2SA1246-TB
2SA1246N 2SA1246R 2SA1246S
2SA1246ST 2SA1246T 2SA1246TB
2SA1247 2SA1247-T2B 2SA1247C28
2SA1247T1B 2SA1247T2B 2SA1248
2SA1248S 2SA1248SAN 2SA1248SANY
2SA1249 2SA1249-SAN 2SA1249R
2SA1249S 2SA1249S-B 2SA1249S-CLS
2SA1249SAN 2SA1249SANY 2SA1249SAY
2SA1249SB 2SA1249SCLS 2SA1249T
2SA1249XX 2SA124DSI 2SA124EK
2SA124ESV 2SA124EX 2SA124S
2SA124SMD 2SA124YTE16R 2SA1250
2SA1251 2SA1251R 2SA1251RSST
2SA1252 2SA1252D 2SA1252D5
2SA1252D5-TB 2SA1252D5TB 2SA1252D6
2SA1252D6-TB 2SA1252D6TB 2SA1252S-TB
2SA1252STB 2SA1253 2SA1253-S
2SA1253-T-SPA 2SA1253S 2SA1253S-SPA
2SA1253SSPA 2SA1253T 2SA1253TSPA
2SA1254 2SA1254-B 2SA1254B
2SA1255 2SA1255-Y 2SA1255-Y-TE85L
2SA1255Y 2SA1255YTE85L 2SA1256
2SA1256-TB 2SA1256E 2SA1256E5-TB
2SA1256E5TB 2SA1256TB 2SA1257
2SA1258 2SA1259 2SA1259R
2SA125D5 2SA1260 2SA1261
2SA12612 2SA1262 2SA1262-SKN
2SA1262SK 2SA1262SKN 2SA1263
2SA1263-0 2SA12630 2SA1263N
2SA1263N-0 2SA1263N-O 2SA1263N-R
2SA1263N0 2SA1263NO 2SA1263NR
2SA1263O 2SA1263TOS 2SA1263TOSH
2SA1263XX 2SA1264 2SA1264-O
2SA1264-OTOS 2SA12640 2SA1264N
2SA1264N0 2SA1264NO 2SA1264NR
2SA1264O 2SA1264OTOS 2SA1264PMC
2SA1264R 2SA1265 2SA1265-N-O
2SA1265-N-R 2SA1265-NTOS 2SA1265N
2SA1265N-0 2SA1265N-O 2SA1265N-R
2SA1265N-TOS 2SA1265N0 2SA1265NO
2SA1265NR 2SA1265NTOS 2SA1265NTOSH
2SA1265XX 2SA1266 2SA1266-KEC
2SA1266-Y 2SA126684TO92 2SA1266DSI
2SA1266GR 2SA1266GRT 2SA1266KEC
2SA1266XX 2SA1266Y 2SA1266YAMMO
2SA1266YT 2SA1267 2SA1267-GR
2SA1267-Y 2SA1267GR 2SA1267GRAT
2SA1267GRKTA1267GR 2SA1267GRKTA1267GR99 2SA1267Y
2SA1267YKTA1267Y 2SA1267YKTA1267Y97 2SA1267YKTA1267YD
2SA1267YT 2SA1268 2SA1268-KEC
2SA1268BL 2SA1268BLT 2SA1268KEC
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