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Catalog: part index from 2SA1779 to 2SA18H...

2SA1779 2SA1780 2SA1780-Q
2SA1780-Q(T) 2SA1780Q 2SA1780Q(T)
2SA1780QT 2SA1781 2SA1781-5/G55
2SA1781-6-TA 2SA1781-6-TB 2SA1781-6-TBWG56
2SA1781-7-TA 2SA1781/GH6 2SA17815/G55
2SA17816TA 2SA17816TBWG56 2SA1782
2SA1782-T 2SA1782T 2SA1783
2SA1783T 2SA1784 2SA1784-E
2SA1784-E(T) 2SA1784E 2SA1784E(T)
2SA1784E-AN 2SA1784E-AN(AMMO;2.5K 2SA1784E-AN(AMMO;2.5K REE
2SA1784EAN 2SA1784ET 2SA1785
2SA1785E-AN 2SA1785EAN 2SA1785Z
2SA1786 2SA1787 2SA1787E-AN
2SA1787EAN 2SA1788 2SA1788-E
2SA1788E 2SA1789 2SA1790
2SA1790 SMD 2SA1790-C 2SA1790C
2SA1791 2SA1791-R 2SA17910RL
2SA1791R 2SA1792 2SA1793
2SA1794 2SA1795 2SA1796
2SA1796-4061 2SA17964061 2SA1797
2SA1797 P 2SA1797 (SOT223) 2SA1797 Q
2SA1797 SMD 2SA1797 SOT89 2SA1797 SOT89 /ROHM
2SA1797 T100P 2SA1797 T100Q 2SA1797 T101P
2SA1797 T101Q 2SA1797-Q 2SA1797-Q,PNP,500mW,SOT-
2SA1797-T-100P 2SA1797-T100 2SA1797-T100P
2SA1797-T100Q 2SA1797-T101Q 2SA1797-T101R
2SA1797AG 2SA1797P 2SA1797Q
2SA1797Q-- 2SA1797QT100 2SA1797SMD
2SA1797SOT223 2SA1797T 2SA1797T-100Q
2SA1797T1 2SA1797T100 2SA1797T100-Q
2SA1797T1000Q 2SA1797T100P 2SA1797T100Q
2SA1797T100Q (SOT223) 2SA1797T100Q-T 2SA1797T100QROHM
2SA1797T100QSOT223 2SA1797T100QT 2SA1797T101PQ
2SA1797T101Q 2SA1797T101R 2SA1797T1OOOQ
2SA1797T2000Q 2SA1797T200Q 2SA1797T2OOOQ
2SA1798 2SA1798-S 2SA1798S
2SA1799 2SA179T100Q 2SA17H
2SA18 2SA18-HC 2SA1800
2SA1801 2SA1802 2SA1803
2SA1803-O 2SA1803-OTOS 2SA1803-TOS
2SA1803O 2SA1803OTOS 2SA1803OTOSH
2SA1803TOS 2SA1804 2SA1804-O
2SA1804-TOS 2SA1804O 2SA1804TOS
2SA1805 2SA1806 2SA1806-Q
2SA1807 2SA1807 P 2SA1807F5
2SA1807N 2SA1807P 2SA1807PSC
2SA1807PSC63 2SA1807TCP 2SA1807TLN
2SA1807TLP 2SA1809 2SA180F5
2SA1810 2SA1810-C 2SA1810C
2SA1811 2SA1812 2SA1812-T100
2SA1812-T100Q 2SA1812-T101P 2SA1812-TAP
2SA1812Q 2SA1812T100 2SA1812T100Q
2SA1812T101P 2SA1812TAP 2SA1813
2SA1814 2SA1815 2SA1815-GR
2SA1815-Y 2SA1815GR 2SA1815GR/Y
2SA1815GRY 2SA1816 2SA1817
2SA1818 2SA1818-Q 2SA1818-Q(T)
2SA1818Q 2SA1818Q(T) 2SA1818QT
2SA1818TR 2SA1819 2SA1819-S(T)
2SA1819S 2SA1819S(T) 2SA1819ST
2SA182 2SA1820 2SA1820 TE4Q
2SA1821 2SA1822 2SA1823
2SA1824 2SA1824S-AY 2SA1824SAY
2SA1825 2SA1825S 2SA1825S-AY
2SA1825S-AY D/C96 2SA1825SAY 2SA1825SAY96
2SA1826 2SA1827 2SA1828
2SA1829 2SA1830 2SA1831
2SA1831SHPRA7 2SA1832 2SA1832-GR
2SA1832-GR T5LEKA 2SA1832-GR TE85L 2SA1832-GR(SG)
2SA1832-GR(TE85L) 2SA1832-GRT5LEKA 2SA1832-GRT5LKA
2SA1832-GR\SG 2SA1832-SMD 2SA1832-Y
2SA1832-Y (TE85L) 2SA1832-Y TE85L 2SA1832-Y(TE85L)
2SA1832-Y(TE85R) 2SA1832-Y-TE85L 2SA1832/SG
2SA1832F 2SA1832FT 2SA1832GR
2SA1832GR(TE85L) 2SA1832GR/SG 2SA1832GRT5LEKA
2SA1832GRT5LKA 2SA1832GRTE85L 2SA1832SMD
2SA1832Y 2SA1832Y(TE85R) 2SA1832YTE85L
2SA1833 2SA18332S6 2SA1834
2SA1834 TL R 2SA1834F5 2SA1834F5R
2SA1834F5S 2SA1834Q 2SA1834R
2SA1834S 2SA1834TLR 2SA1834TLS
2SA1836 2SA1836-T1 2SA1836/M5
2SA1836/M6 2SA1836T1 2SA1837
2SA1837 (TOS) 2SA1837(M) 2SA1837(T)
2SA1837(T)-- 2SA1837-ND 2SA1837-TOS
2SA1837/2SC4793 2SA1837/TOS 2SA18372
2SA1837230V1A20W 2SA18372SC4393 2SA18372SC4793
2SA18372SC4793O 2SA1837A 2SA1837C4793
2SA1837M 2SA1837ND 2SA1837SC4793
2SA1837SI 2SA1837T 2SA1837TOS
2SA1837TOSH 2SA1837XX 2SA1837Y
2SA1838 2SA1839 2SA184
2SA1841 2SA1841-T 2SA1841T
2SA1843 2SA1844 2SA1845
2SA1845E 2SA1845F 2SA1846
2SA1847 2SA1848 2SA1849
2SA1850 2SA1850E-AY 2SA1851
2SA1852 2SA1853 2SA1854
2SA1855 2SA1856 2SA1857
2SA1858 2SA1859 2SA1859A
2SA1859A-SKN 2SA1859A-Y 2SA1859ASKN
2SA1859AY 2SA1859LF610 2SA1860
2SA1860P 2SA1861 2SA1862
2SA1862 TLP 2SA1862-TL 2SA1862-TLP
2SA1862F5 2SA1862F5N 2SA1862F5P
2SA1862N 2SA1862P 2SA1862TL
2SA1862TL P 2SA1862TLP 2SA1863
2SA1864 2SA1865 2SA1866
2SA1867 2SA1868 2SA1869
2SA1869-Y 2SA1869Y 2SA1870
2SA1871 2SA1871-T1 2SA1871T1
2SA1873 2SA1875 2SA1876
2SA1877 2SA1878 2SA1879
2SA1880 2SA1881 2SA1881-6-TB
2SA1881-7-TB 2SA1881-Y-TE12 2SA18816TB
2SA18817TB 2SA1881YTE12 2SA1882
2SA1882T-TD 2SA1883 2SA1884
2SA1884 TE4 P 2SA1884 TE4 Q 2SA1884N
2SA1884P 2SA1884Q 2SA1884TE4-P
2SA1884TE4P 2SA1885 2SA1886
2SA1887 2SA1888 2SA1889
2SA1890 2SA18900RL 2SA1890A
2SA1891 2SA1892 2SA1892-Y
2SA1892-Y(T) 2SA1892Y 2SA1892Y(T)
2SA1892YT 2SA1893 2SA1893-Y
2SA1893-Y(TP) 2SA1893Y 2SA1893Y(TP)
2SA1893YTP 2SA1896 2SA1896S-TD
2SA1896STD 2SA1897 2SA1897-K
2SA1897-T 2SA1897K 2SA1897T
2SA1898 2SA1899 2SA18H
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