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Catalog: part index from 2SA18HC to 2SA1993T12E...

2SA18HC 2SA19 2SA190
2SA1900 2SA1900 Q 2SA1900(T100Q)
2SA1900-Q 2SA1900-T100Q 2SA1900AL
2SA1900Q 2SA1900QT100 2SA1900T100/Q
2SA1900T100/Q SM 2SA1900T100Q 2SA1900T100Q-01
2SA1900T100Q01 2SA1902 2SA1902P
2SA1902Q 2SA1902R 2SA1903
2SA1903P 2SA1903Q 2SA1903R
2SA1904 2SA1905 2SA1905-Y
2SA1906 2SA1907 2SA1907-Y
2SA1907Y 2SA1908 2SA1908-SKN
2SA1908-Y 2SA1908SKN 2SA1908Y
2SA1909 2SA1914-O/2SC5198-O 2SA1917
2SA1918U 2SA1920 2SA1920-P(T)
2SA1920P 2SA1920P(T) 2SA1920PT
2SA1923 2SA1924 2SA1925
2SA1926 2SA1927 2SA1928
2SA1929 2SA1930 2SA1930 D/C98
2SA1930-TOS 2SA1930/2SC5171 2SA19302SC5171
2SA193098 2SA1930SC5171 2SA1930TOS
2SA1931 2SA1932 2SA19322SC5174
2SA1932P 2SA1932Y 2SA1933
2SA1934 2SA1934O 2SA1935
2SA1936 2SA1937 2SA1937 TE16L
2SA1938 2SA1939 2SA1939-0
2SA1939-O 2SA1939-O-- 2SA1939-R
2SA1939-TOS 2SA19392 2SA19392SC51
2SA19392SC5196 2SA19392SC5196R 2SA1939C5196
2SA1939O 2SA1939OT 2SA1939R
2SA1939TOS 2SA1939XX 2SA193O
2SA194 2SA1940 2SA1940-0
2SA1940-O 2SA1940-O D/C00 2SA1940-O--
2SA1940-R 2SA1940-R(AC) 2SA19400
2SA19402 2SA19402SC51 2SA19402SC5197
2SA1940C5197 2SA1940O 2SA1940R
2SA1940SC5197 2SA1941 2SA1941 (O)
2SA1941 / 2SC5198 2SA1941-0 2SA1941-0(AC)
2SA1941-0+2SC5198-0 2SA1941-B 2SA1941-O
2SA1941-O (AC) 2SA1941-O / 2SC5198-O 2SA1941-O +2SC5198-O
2SA1941-O(AC) 2SA1941-O/2SC5198-O 2SA1941-O2SC5187-O
2SA1941-O2SC5198-O 2SA1941-R 2SA1941-R/2SC5198-R
2SA1941-TOS 2SA1941/2SC5198 2SA19410
2SA19410AC 2SA19412 2SA19412SC51
2SA19412SC5198 2SA19412SC5198-R 2SA19412SC51980
2SA19412SC5198O 2SA19412SC5198OR 2SA19412SC5198R
2SA1941C5198 2SA1941O 2SA1941O(AC)
2SA1941O2SC5198O 2SA1941OAC 2SA1941OAC2SC5198O
2SA1941R 2SA1941RAC 2SA1941SC5198
2SA1941TOS 2SA1941TOSH 2SA1942
2SA1942-0 2SA1942-2SC5242 2SA1942-O
2SA19422SC5198 2SA19422SC5199 2SA19422SC5242
2SA1942O 2SA1943 2SA1943 / 2SC5200
2SA1943 /2SC5200 2SA1943 A/2SC5200-R 2SA1943+2SA5200-0
2SA1943-0 2SA1943-0(AC)???? 2SA1943-0+2SC5200-0
2SA1943-0+2SC5200-O 2SA1943-0-TOS 2SA1943-0/2SC5200-0
2SA1943-02SC5200-0 2SA1943-O 2SA1943-O +2SC5200-O
2SA1943-O / 2SC2500-O 2SA1943-O / 2SC5200-O 2SA1943-O(A )
2SA1943-O(AC) 2SA1943-O(AC)-- 2SA1943-O+2SA5200-O
2SA1943-O+2SC5200-O 2SA1943-O-ND 2SA1943-O-SAM
2SA1943-O-TOS 2SA1943-O/2SC5200-O 2SA1943-O/5200-O
2SA1943-O/KTA1943-O 2SA1943-O2SC5200-O 2SA1943-OAC
2SA1943-Q 2SA1943-R 2SA1943-R+2SC5200-R
2SA1943-TOS 2SA1943-Y 2SA1943/2SC5200
2SA1943/2SC5200-0 V 2SA1943/2SC5200-O 2SA19430
2SA19430(AC)2SC52000(AC) 2SA19430-O 2SA194302SC5200
2SA194302SC52000 2SA194302SC5200O 2SA19430AC
2SA19430AND2SC52000 2SA19430O 2SA19430TOS
2SA19432 2SA19432500O 2SA19432SA52000
2SA19432SC2500O 2SA19432SC52 2SA19432SC520
2SA19432SC5200 2SA19432SC5200-R 2SA19432SC52000
2SA19432SC5200O 2SA19432SC5200OR 2SA19432SC5200R
2SA1943C5200 2SA1943C5200R 2SA1943O
2SA1943O(AC) 2SA1943O2SA1302O 2SA1943O2SA5200O
2SA1943O2SC52 2SA1943O2SC5200 2SA1943O2SC5200O
2SA1943O2SC5200O00 2SA1943O2SC5200OPAIR 2SA1943O2SC5200S
2SA1943O2SC5200SO 2SA1943OAC 2SA1943OND
2SA1943OTOSH 2SA1943OZK 2SA1943Q
2SA1943R 2SA1943R2SC520 2SA1943R2SC5200R
2SA1943SC5200 2SA1943SC5200O 2SA1943TOS
2SA1943Y 2SA1943Y2SC5200Y 2SA1944
2SA1944-T11-1G 2SA1945 2SA1945O2SC5200O
2SA1946 2SA1947 2SA1947-T11-1E
2SA1947-T13-1E 2SA1947-TM-1E 2SA1947T111E
2SA1947TM1E 2SA1948 2SA1949
2SA194O(AC) 2SA194OAC 2SA1950
2SA1951 2SA1952 2SA1952 TL
2SA1952Q 2SA1952Q(100V5A) 2SA1952Q100V5A
2SA1952TLQ 2SA1953 2SA1953-O/2SC5200-O
2SA1953O2SC5200O 2SA1954 2SA1955
2SA1955-A 2SA1955-B 2SA1955B
2SA1955BTE85L 2SA1956 2SA1957
2SA1958 2SA1959O 2SA1959Y
2SA1960 2SA1961 2SA19610QAHW
2SA1962 2SA1962&2SC5242O 2SA1962&2SC5242R
2SA1962-0 2SA1962-0(AC) 2SA1962-2SC5242
2SA1962-O 2SA1962-O (AC) 2SA1962-O(AC)
2SA1962-O(AC)-- 2SA1962-O-ND 2SA1962-R
2SA1962-R2SC5242-R 2SA1962-TOS 2SA19620
2SA196202SC52420 2SA19620AC 2SA19622
2SA19622SC52 2SA19622SC5242 2SA19622SC5242O
2SA19622SC5242R 2SA1962C5242 2SA1962C5242O
2SA1962O 2SA1962O(AC) 2SA1962O(KEC)
2SA1962OAC 2SA1962OND 2SA1962R
2SA1962R2SC5242R 2SA1962RKSA1962RTU 2SA1962SC5242
2SA1962TOS 2SA1963 2SA1964
2SA1964-E 2SA1964-E/2SC5248-E 2SA1964C5248E
2SA1964E 2SA1964E(E) 2SA1964E2SC5248
2SA1964E2SC5248E 2SA1964EA 2SA1965
2SA1966 2SA1967 2SA1967RA11
2SA1967TO220 2SA1968 2SA1968LS
2SA1969 2SA196O(AC) 2SA196OAC
2SA1971 2SA1972 2SA1973
2SA1973-5-TB 2SA1973/C5200-O TRS 2SA1973/C5200-OTRS
2SA197356 2SA19735TB 2SA1974
2SA1975 2SA1976 2SA1977
2SA1977-L 2SA1977-T1 2SA1977-T1B
2SA1977L 2SA1977T1 2SA1977T1B
2SA1978 2SA1978-T1B 2SA1978T1B
2SA1979 2SA1979M 2SA1979S
2SA1979SF 2SA1979SFY 2SA1979SFY(50V0.5A)
2SA1979SY 2SA1979U 2SA1979UF
2SA1979Y 2SA1979Y-AT 2SA1979YAT
2SA197T100Q 2SA198 2SA1980
2SA1980-Y 2SA1980-YTA 2SA1980E
2SA1980E-G 2SA1980EF 2SA1980EG
2SA1980EY 2SA1980G 2SA1980GAT
2SA1980M 2SA1980S 2SA1980SF
2SA1980SF-GT 2SA1980SF-Y 2SA1980SFG
2SA1980SFGT 2SA1980SFL 2SA1980SFY
2SA1980SG 2SA1980SL 2SA1980SY
2SA1980U 2SA1980UF 2SA1980UFG
2SA1980UFS 2SA1980UG 2SA1980UL
2SA1980UT 2SA1980UY 2SA1980Y
2SA1980Y AT 2SA1980Y(STA1980Y) 2SA1980Y-AT
2SA1980YAT 2SA1980YATK 2SA1980YTA
2SA1981 2SA1981S 2SA1981SF
2SA1981SFO 2SA1981SFY 2SA1981SY
2SA1981Y 2SA1981YAT 2SA1982
2SA1986 2SA1986 = (2SA1943) 2SA1986-0
2SA1986-O 2SA1986-O D/C97 2SA1986-R
2SA1986-R(AC) 2SA1986-RAC 2SA19860
2SA1986O 2SA1986O97 2SA1986ODC97
2SA1986R 2SA1986R2SC5358 2SA1986RAC
2SA1987 2SA1987-0 2SA1987-B
2SA1987-O 2SA1987-OTOS 2SA1987-TOS
2SA1987/2SC5359 2SA19872SC5359 2SA1987B
2SA1987C5359 2SA1987O 2SA1987OTOS
2SA1987SC5359 2SA1987SFY 2SA1987TOS
2SA1988 2SA1988 K 2SA1989
2SA198SG 2SA1991 2SA1991-VL-TP
2SA1991VLTP 2SA1992 2SA1993
2SA1993-T12 2SA1993-T12-E 2SA1993-T12-F
2SA1993E 2SA1993F 2SA1993T12
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