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Catalog: part index from 2SC393D to 2SC400TOS...

2SC393D 2SC394 2SC394-O
2SC394-OX 2SC394-TOS 2SC3940
2SC3940-MAT 2SC3940/DSI 2SC39400RA
2SC39400SA 2SC39404 2SC3940A
2SC3940A-R 2SC3940A9 2SC3940AQA
2SC3940AR 2SC3940ARA 2SC3940ARSTA
2SC3940ASA 2SC3940ATA 2SC3940DSI
2SC3940MAT 2SC3940RT 2SC3940XX
2SC3941 2SC3941(H)-(TA) 2SC3941-A-R
2SC3941-AQ(T) 2SC3941-H 2SC3941-HTA
2SC3941-R(TA) 2SC39410QA 2SC39410RA
2SC3941A 2SC3941A-Q(TA) 2SC3941A-QRTA
2SC3941A-QTA 2SC3941A-R 2SC3941A-R(TA)
2SC3941AQ 2SC3941AQ(T) 2SC3941AQ1
2SC3941AQ1S0 2SC3941AQ1SO 2SC3941AQR
2SC3941AR 2SC3941AR(TA) 2SC3941H
2SC3941HTA 2SC3942 2SC3942***
2SC3942-ND 2SC3942-RL 2SC3942A
2SC3942ND 2SC3942Q 2SC3942RL
2SC3943 2SC3943-MAT 2SC3943-ND
2SC39432 2SC3943MAT 2SC3943ND
2SC3944 2SC3944-AR 2SC3944-MAT
2SC3944-Q 2SC3944-R 2SC3944A
2SC3944A-ND 2SC3944A-Q 2SC3944A-Q/MATS
2SC3944A-QTS 2SC3944A-R 2SC3944AND
2SC3944AQ 2SC3944AR 2SC3944ARLB
2SC3944MAT 2SC3944Q 2SC3944RLB
2SC3944XX 2SC3945 2SC3945A
2SC3946 2SC3946(LB) 2SC3946/MATS
2SC3946A 2SC3946LB 2SC3946MATS
2SC3946TS 2SC3947 2SC3948
2SC3948-FUJ 2SC3948FUJ 2SC3949
2SC394GR 2SC394O 2SC394OX
2SC394R 2SC394TOS 2SC394TOSH
2SC394Y 2SC395 2SC395(A) O
2SC395-SMD 2SC3950 2SC3950-D
2SC3950-E 2SC3950-E/SAY 2SC3950-RA
2SC3950D 2SC3950DPREF 2SC3950E
2SC3950EC21278 2SC3950ESAY 2SC3950RA
2SC3950SAN 2SC3950SANY 2SC3951
2SC3951-E 2SC3951-E/SAY 2SC3951E
2SC3951ESAY 2SC3951F 2SC3951SAN
2SC3951SANK 2SC3952 2SC3952-D
2SC3952-D/SAY 2SC3952-OSAN 2SC3952-SAN
2SC3952D 2SC3952DSANY 2SC3952DSAY
2SC3952E 2SC3952OSAN 2SC3952SAN
2SC3953 2SC3953 SANYO 2SC3953-C
2SC3953-C(KSC3953-C-STU) 2SC3953-C(KSC3953-C-STU)D 2SC3953-C2SC3953-C
2SC3953-D 2SC3953-D-RA/94 2SC3953-D-RA/96
2SC3953-D/SAY 2SC3953-E 2SC3953-E/SAY
2SC3953-SAN 2SC3953-YA D or E 2SC3953C
2SC3953CSTU 2SC3953D 2SC3953D-MP
2SC3953DE 2SC3953DLT3DTO12 2SC3953DRA94
2SC3953DRA96 2SC3953DSAY 2SC3953E
2SC3953ESAY 2SC3953ETO-126F 2SC3953ETO126F
2SC3953XX 2SC3954 2SC3954-D
2SC3954-SAN 2SC3954D 2SC3954E
2SC3954SAN 2SC3954SANY 2SC3955
2SC3955-D 2SC3955-E 2SC3955-E/SAY
2SC3955-SAN 2SC3955/E 2SC3955/E2SC3955/E
2SC3955A 2SC3955D 2SC3955DA
2SC3955E 2SC3955ESAY 2SC3955SAN
2SC3955XX 2SC3956 2SC3956-E
2SC3956-E D/C96 2SC3956-SAN 2SC3956/SAY
2SC3956A 2SC3956D 2SC3956E
2SC3956E(TO126) 2SC3956E96 2SC3956ECD
2SC3956EDC96 2SC3956ETO126 2SC3956SAN
2SC3956SANY 2SC3956SAY 2SC3957
2SC3958 2SC3959 2SC395A(0)
2SC395A0 2SC395SMD 2SC396
2SC3960 2SC3961 2SC3962
2SC3963 2SC3963-O 2SC3963-Y
2SC3963O 2SC3963Y 2SC3964
2SC3964 TO-247 2SC3964-TOS 2SC3964TO-247
2SC3964TO247 2SC3964TOS 2SC3964XX
2SC3965 2SC3966 2SC3967
2SC3968 2SC3968-B 2SC3968B
2SC3969 2SC3969B 2SC3969B-T
2SC3969BT 2SC396Y 2SC397
2SC3970 2SC3970A 2SC3970D
2SC3971 2SC3971A 2SC3972
2SC3972-MAT 2SC3972-P 2SC3972-Q
2SC3972A 2SC3972MAT 2SC3972P
2SC3972Q 2SC3973 2SC3973A
2SC3973A-MAT 2SC3973AMAT 2SC3973B
2SC3973MAT 2SC3973PMC 2SC3973XX
2SC3974 2SC3975 2SC3975800V10A
2SC3976 2SC3977 2SC3977A
2SC3978 2SC3978A 2SC3979
2SC3979 D/C02+ 2SC3979A 2SC3979A-MAT
2SC3979AMAT 2SC398 2SC398-TA
2SC3980 2SC3980A 2SC3981
2SC3981A 2SC3981MAT 2SC3982
2SC3982A 2SC3983 2SC3985
2SC3986 2SC3987 2SC3987-AU-SD2
2SC3987-SAN 2SC3987-SD2 2SC3987/SAY
2SC3987AUS02 2SC3987AUSD2 2SC3987SAN
2SC3987SANY 2SC3987SAY 2SC3987SD2
2SC3987XX 2SC3988 2SC3989
2SC398TA 2SC399 2SC3990
2SC3991 2SC3992 2SC3992L
2SC3992M 2SC3992N 2SC3993
2SC3993-L 2SC3993L 2SC3993L-YB
2SC3993LYB 2SC3993M 2SC3993N
2SC3993SAN 2SC3993SANY 2SC3994
2SC3994K 2SC3994L 2SC3994M
2SC3995 2SC3995PMC 2SC3995SAN
2SC3995SANY 2SC3995XX 2SC3996
2SC3996-SAN 2SC3996SAN 2SC3996SAY
2SC3996WM 2SC3996XX 2SC3997
2SC3997-CA 2SC3997-YB 2SC399795
2SC3997CA 2SC3997S 2SC3997SAN
2SC3997SAY 2SC3997TO220 2SC3997XX
2SC3997YB 2SC3998 2SC3998-HIT-CA
2SC3998-SNO 2SC3998HITCA 2SC3998L
2SC3998SAN 2SC3998SANY 2SC3998SAY
2SC3998SNO 2SC3998XX 2SC3999
2SC400 2SC400-R 2SC4000
2SC4000-T 2SC4000T 2SC4001
2SC4001L 2SC4002 2SC4002DE
2SC4002E 2SC4002E-A 2SC4002E-AA
2SC4002EA 2SC4002EAA 2SC4002SAN
2SC4002SANY 2SC4003 2SC4003E
2SC4003E-TL 2SC4003ETL 2SC4004
2SC4004-MAT 2SC4004LT 2SC4004MAT
2SC4005 2SC4006 2SC4006SAN
2SC4006SANY 2SC4007 2SC4007-RHM
2SC4007RHM 2SC4008 2SC400DSI
2SC400R 2SC400TOS
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