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Catalog: part index from 2SK639M to 2SK799...

2SK639M 2SK640 2SK641
2SK641SST 2SK642 2SK643
2SK643SST 2SK643TOS 2SK644
2SK646 2SK648 2SK649
2SK65 2SK650 2SK651
2SK652 2SK6529TL 2SK653
2SK653TX 2SK653TY 2SK654
2SK654-Z-E2 2SK654-Z-T1 2SK654Z
2SK654ZE2 2SK654ZT1 2SK655
2SK656 2SK656 (TA) 2SK656-TA
2SK6562 2SK656TA 2SK656TA(AMMO)
2SK656TA2 2SK657 2SK658
2SK659 2SK65B 2SK65MAT
2SK66 2SK660 2SK660/JM
2SK660H 2SK660JL 2SK660JM
2SK662 2SK662-P 2SK662-PTW
2SK662-Q 2SK662-Q(TW) 2SK662/10P
2SK662/10P2SK662/10P 2SK66210P 2SK662P
2SK662PTW 2SK662\10P 2SK663
2SK663-Q 2SK664 2SK664 TX
2SK664/3N 2SK664/3N2SK664/3N 2SK6643N
2SK664TXW3N 2SK664\3N 2SK665
2SK665-(TX) 2SK665-TN 2SK665-TX
2SK665/3D 2SK665/3D2SK665/3D 2SK6653D
2SK665TN 2SK665\3D 2SK667
2SK669 2SK669 T/P 2SK669-SAN
2SK669SAN 2SK669T/P 2SK67
2SK672 2SK673 2SK674
2SK674TOS 2SK678 2SK6782
2SK679 2SK679(TO-92) 2SK679-A
2SK679-T 2SK679A 2SK679A-K
2SK679A-T 2SK679AJM 2SK679AK
2SK679AT 2SK679ATK 2SK679T
2SK67A 2SK67AJ3C 2SK68
2SK680 2SK680-T1 2SK680-T2
2SK680-YAH 2SK680/YB 2SK680A
2SK680A-T1 2SK680A-T1WYB42 2SK680A-T1WYB45
2SK680A-TL 2SK680AT1 2SK680AT1WYB42
2SK680AT1WYB45 2SK680ATL 2SK680T1
2SK680T1WYB44 2SK680T2 2SK680YAH
2SK680YB 2SK681 2SK681A
2SK682 2SK683 2SK684
2SK684/DSI 2SK684DSI 2SK684HIT
2SK684XX 2SK685 2SK685HIT
2SK686 2SK687 2SK688
2SK6882 2SK689 2SK68A
2SK68A (TO92) 2SK68A10 2SK68AL
2SK68AT 2SK68ATO-92 2SK68ATO92
2SK68ATO929 2SK690 2SK690-TX
2SK690TX 2SK691 2SK693
2SK694 2SK695 2SK696
2SK697 2SK698 2SK699
2SK7 2SK700 2SK701
2SK702 2SK703 2SK703K
2SK704 2SK705 2SK707
2SK709 2SK709-V 2SK709V
2SK710 2SK711 2SK711-BL
2SK711-GRTE85R 2SK711BL 2SK711GRTE85R
2SK715 2SK715-U 2SK715U
2SK715U-AC 2SK715UAC 2SK715V-AC
2SK715VAC 2SK717 2SK719
2SK719-K 2SK719K 2SK719XX
2SK72 2SK7201 2SK722
2SK723 2SK724 2SK724-B
2SK724B 2SK724FU 2SK724XX
2SK725 2SK725-09 2SK725-FEC
2SK725-SH 2SK72509 2SK72595
2SK725A 2SK725A-C 2SK725AC
2SK725DC95 2SK725FEC 2SK725FU
2SK725SH 2SK726 2SK726FUJ
2SK727 2SK727-01 2SK727-01SH
2SK727-FEC 2SK72701 2SK72701SH
2SK727FEC 2SK727IPS 2SK727XX
2SK729 2SK72DSI 2SK72V
2SK73 2SK73-GR 2SK73-MAT
2SK732 2SK733 2SK733A
2SK734 2SK735 2SK736
2SK736(1) K 2SK737 2SK738
2SK738(KH) 2SK738(KH)_ 2SK738-KH
2SK738-Z 2SK738-Z(DPAK) 2SK738-Z-E1
2SK738-Z-KH 2SK738-Z-T1 2SK738DEF
2SK738KH 2SK738KH-Z-E1 2SK738KHZE1
2SK738TBR 2SK738Z 2SK738Z-E1
2SK738ZE1 2SK738ZKH 2SK738ZT1
2SK739 2SK739-Z 2SK739-Z-E1
2SK739-Z-E1(KH) 2SK739-Z-T1 2SK739Z
2SK739ZT1 2SK73GR 2SK73MAT
2SK73Y 2SK740 2SK740HIT
2SK741 2SK741HIT 2SK742
2SK742A 2SK743 2SK743A
2SK744 2SK744A 2SK745
2SK745A 2SK746 2SK746A
2SK747 2SK747A 2SK748
2SK748A 2SK749 2SK749A
2SK74L 2SK750 2SK750A
2SK751 2SK751A 2SK752
2SK753 2SK754 2SK754-MAT
2SK7543 2SK754MAT 2SK755
2SK756 2SK758 2SK758-MAT
2SK758MAT 2SK758MATS 2SK76
2SK760 2SK761 2SK762
2SK762-A 2SK762-AMAT 2SK762A
2SK762AMAT 2SK763 2SK763A
2SK764 2SK764A 2SK765
2SK765A 2SK766 2SK767
2SK768 2SK769 2SK769 L
2SK769-LMAT 2SK769-MAT 2SK769/SST
2SK769L 2SK769LMAT 2SK769MAT
2SK769SST 2SK77 2SK770
2SK771 2SK771-4-TA 2SK771-4-TB
2SK7714TA 2SK7714TB 2SK772
2SK772-E 2SK772-E-AC 2SK772-F
2SK7727 2SK772E 2SK772E-AC
2SK772EAC 2SK772F 2SK772F D/C95
2SK772F-AC 2SK772F95 2SK772FAC
2SK772FDC95 2SK772SAN 2SK772TP-E
2SK772TPE 2SK772XX 2SK773
2SK774 2SK775 2SK776
2SK777 2SK777/SST 2SK7772E
2SK777SST 2SK778 2SK782
2SK784 2SK785 2SK785L
2SK786 2SK786/SST 2SK786SST
2SK787 2SK788 2SK789
2SK79 2SK790 2SK790-TOS
2SK790TOS 2SK791 2SK791-TOS
2SK791/SST 2SK791SST 2SK791TOS
2SK791XX 2SK792 2SK792-TOS
2SK793 2SK793SR 2SK793TOS
2SK793XX 2SK794 2SK794-TOS
2SK794T 2SK794TO3P 2SK794TOS
2SK794XX 2SK795 2SK796
2SK796-MAT 2SK796A 2SK796MAT
2SK797 2SK798 2SK799
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