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Catalog: part index from BV UI482 0010 to BV1VG-297...

BV UI482 0010 BV-1062 BV-11-BLK
BV-12-BLK BV-13 BV-16-BLK
BV-16.0-7/1.68// BV-17 BV-18
BV-180G BV-19 BV-20
BV-23 BV-25 BV-25.0-7/2.14//
BV-2702-075SF BV-283 BV-29-IVORY
BV-30 BV-3093 BV-32
BV-39 BV-406 BV-462-1140
BV-4G BV-515-PC BV-56
BV-57 BV-90 BV-93
BV-B60 BV-B80 BV-EI-306-2070
BV-P1051 BV-S311BR4 BV-S311IR4
BV-V1015A120A BV-V1017A170A BV-V1030A220D
BV-V1075A420B BV-V1123A420B BV00059
BV00163 BV00567303PV BV00567303PV66
BV009 BV00E3206DR1UREM115H BV00E32071A8000NL
BV01022 BV0104006 BV014-0132-0
BV01401320 BV01515850 BV0185
BV020 BV020-03480 BV020-53
BV020-5370 BV020-538 BV020-5384
BV020-5384-0 BV0200046 BV02003480
BV0205193OM BV02053 BV0205370
BV02053710M BV020538 BV0205384
BV02053840 BV02054230M BV02054260M23MA
BV02055010 BV021-2003.0 BV021-2006.0
BV021-2009.0 BV021-2035 BV021/2026.O/0.8VA/2X6V
BV021/2029.O/0.8VA/2X9V BV021/2035.O/0.8VA/2X15V BV0212003.0
BV0212006.0 BV0212009.0 BV0212035
BV030-0830-OLUI BV030-0830-OLUI28-42 BV030-2092
BV030-7004 BV030-7007 BV030-7010
BV030-7076 BV030-7079 BV030-7082
BV030-7085 BV030-7139 BV030-7167-0N
BV030-7192 BV030-7197 BV030-7234
BV030-7236 BV030-7268 BV030-7276
BV030-7278 BV030-7329 BV030-7334
BV030-7336 BV030-7346 BV030-7349
BV030-7350 BV030-7594 BV0300811OLUI2840
BV0300812OLUI2840 BV0300830OLUI BV0300830OLUI2842
BV03009850E BV03012511 BV03017690
BV0302092 BV03022970 BV03031-501
BV03031501 BV03031B-01-24 BV03031B0124
BV03031D-01-24 BV03031D-01-25 BV03031D0124
BV03031D0125 BV03032-503 BV03032503
BV03032A-01-25 BV03032A0125 BV03032B-01-24
BV03032B0124 BV03032D-01-24 BV03032D0124
BV0306872OL BV0307004 BV0307007
BV0307007OL BV0307010 BV03070130L
BV0307076 BV0307076OL BV0307079
BV0307082 BV03070820L BV0307085
BV03070850L BV0307139 BV03071390N
BV0307161ON BV0307165ON BV0307166ON
BV03071670N BV0307171ON BV0307192
BV03071960 BV0307197 BV03072010P
BV03072060P BV0307213OP BV0307234
BV0307236 BV0307268 BV03072710V80MA
BV03072730V BV0307276 BV0307277OV
BV0307278 BV0307294OS BV03073050S
BV0307305OS BV03073060S2VA BV0307306OS
BV03073090S BV0307329 BV0307334
BV0307336 BV0307346 BV0307349
BV0307350 BV03075860 BV0307592OU
BV0307594 BV03077770N BV0307781OT
BV03078120 BV03081710 BV038-5049
BV038-5052 BV038-5193 BV038-5196
BV038-5210 BV038-5213 BV038-5216
BV0385049 BV0385052 BV0385193
BV0385196 BV03851960F BV0385210
BV03852100F BV0385210OF BV0385213
BV0385216 BV03852190F BV03852220
BV039-50 BV039-5029 BV039-5098-OL
BV039-5107 BV039-5170 BV039-5242
BV039-5245 BV039-5248 BV039-5302
BV03905840 BV03950 BV0395029
BV0395098OL BV0395107 BV03951670L
BV0395170 BV03952390L BV0395242
BV0395242OL BV0395245 BV0395248
BV0395302 BV03953140L BV0395357OL2X105V
BV04055022 BV04055N0136 BV042
BV042- BV042-0593 BV042-06
BV042-0642 BV042-5052 BV042-5055
BV042-5067.0G Pr. 115V Sek. BV042-5078 BV042-5084
BV042-5190 BV042-5193 BV042-5196
BV042-5199.0G Pr. 230V Sek. BV042-5205.0G Pr. 230V Sek. BV042-5210
BV042-5213 BV042-5213,0G BV042-5216
BV042-5222 BV042-5228 BV042/5190.OG/5VA/9V
BV042/5196.OG/5VA/15V BV042/5199.OG/5VA/18V BV042/5213.OG/5VA/2X9V
BV042/5219.OG/5VA/2X15V BV042/5222.OG/5VA/2X18V BV0420593
BV04206 BV04206250TA70C BV0420642
BV04206420TA70C BV0425052 BV0425055
BV0425078 BV0425084 BV0425190
BV0425193 BV0425193OG BV0425196
BV0425205OG BV0425210 BV0425213
BV04252130G BV0425216 BV0425222
BV0425228 BV04600-503 BV04600503
BV048 BV048-0720-0 BV048-5052
BV048-5078 BV048-5190 BV048-5193
BV048-5196 BV048-5199 BV048-5205
BV048-5210 BV048-5213 BV048-5216
BV048-5219 BV04807200 BV0485052
BV0485058OH BV04850750H BV0485078
BV0485190 BV0485193 BV0485196
BV04851960H BV0485199 BV04851990H
BV0485205 BV0485210 BV0485213
BV04852130H BV0485216 BV0485219
BV050 BV054-5055 BV054-5075
BV054-5193 BV054-5196 BV054-5205
BV054-5210 BV054-5213 BV054-5228
BV0540279OK BV0545055 BV0545075
BV0545193 BV0545196 BV0545205
BV0545210 BV0545213 BV0545228
BV05453940K BV06-011-43 BV060-0208
BV060-0280 BV060/0201.0 BV060/0203.0
BV060/0204.0 BV060/0207.0 BV060/0209.0
BV0600208 BV06002090 BV0600280
BV066-0133 BV066-0136.0A BV066-0203.0
BV066-0233 BV066-0238 BV066/0131.OA/36VA/6V
BV066/0132.OA/36VA/9V BV066/0133.OA/36VA/12V BV066/0136.OA/36VA/24V
BV066/0139.OA/36VA/2X12V BV066/0143.OB/50VA/12V BV066/0149.OB/50VA/2X12V
BV0660133 BV06601360A BV0660233
BV08-011-83 BV0820192D BV1-88
BV1011 BV101101UF250V BV1012
BV103 BV10555/561 BV10556-581
BV10556/581 BV10556581 BV10577/92HLF
BV1062 BV10659-H BV10659H
BV1100-7 BV11007 BV1100PE-12
BV11240 BV1134006 BV1134007
BV1134008 BV1151 BV11671180R
BV11712X05UF160V BV1192470R BV1192_470R
BV11BLK BV1222 BV1290
BV12BLK BV13137 BV13141
BV14140 BV14408 BV150
BV15200 BV15228 BV15228-1
BV152281 BV1550 BV155001
BV1605013 BV16BLK BV17075
BV17085 BV17097 BV17111
BV17112 BV1711202ELMA BV17114
BV1711401ELMA BV17116 BV17170
BV17211 BV180G BV18400APS
BV1849 BV184903 BV188
BV1888 BV1920 BV1920FS
BV1920FS-E2 BV1920FSE2 BV1VG-297
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