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Catalog: part index from CX0829Z 20.00 MHz to CX11F50000MHZ...

CX0829Z 20.00 MHz CX0829Z 28.24M CX0829Z-11.05MHZ
CX0829Z1000M CX0829Z2824M CX0829Z39.73M
CX0829Z3973M CX0829Z50.000MHZ CX082F
CX083F CX084 CX084AK6
CX084E CX085AKA CX085AL6
CX085E CX08627-11 CX0862711
CX086AK6 CX087B CX089
CX089D CX08A14S-7S CX08A14S7S
CX092 CX09251 CX0929Z2824MHZ
CX093 CX095 CX095C
CX095D CX095E CX097A
CX098 CX099 CX09B06
CX0M10N CX0M491 CX0SM475M
CX1-03-9.216M CX1-10.667M CX1-C-SM2 1.8432/B
CX1-C-SM21.8432/B CX1-SM1-16.000MHZ CX1-SM1-18432MHR
CX1-SM2-16MHZ CX1-SM3 CX10
CX10-3VQ10C CX100 CX1000
CX10000101 CX10000EEKE1D CX10002
CX10006 CX10006100 CX10008
CX1001 CX1001-1701 CX10010
CX10010701 CX10011701 CX1001AX
CX1001BX CX10021B CX10023
CX1003 CX10030APM246 CX10031
CX10034 CX10035 CX1003APAC
CX1004 CX10040 CX10043
CX10045 CX10046 CX10047
CX10047-SMD CX10047SMD CX1004E39
CX1005 CX10053 CX10053B
CX10053B-T1 CX10053BT1 CX10054
CX1006 CX10060 CX1007
CX1008 CX100A6 CX100B
CX100BR CX100D CX100DR
CX100H CX100L CX100M
CX100M35V555 CX100T CX101
CX101-AB CX1011C-1 CX1011C1
CX1011DPBC CX1011DPBG CX1012
CX1012AS CX1013 CX1013AS
CX1013S CX10157 CX1016P
CX1019 CX1019M CX1019S
CX101AB CX101D15-3.6864MHZ CX101F
CX101G CX101G 5L CX101M16V6363
CX101M50BDLCP2 CX1020805GGB500 CX1021
CX1023 CX1023D4-BL CX1023D4-PLLB
CX1025 CX102961 CX102961orCXN-1586
CX102961ORCXN1586 CX102J103M CX103
CX103-1.008M CX103-1.008M 500/I CX103-1.008M,500/I
CX103-1.008M.500/I CX103-1.05275M CX103-1.2288M10000/I
CX103-14.31818M CX1031008M500I CX103105275M
CX10310M10000I CX10310M500I CX1031431818M
CX1032048M10010 CX1033 CX1034
CX1035 CX103800AI CX10398M100100
CX103A12LD CX103D CX103VQ10C
CX104 CX104-11 CX104-9
CX10411 CX10422 CX1044
CX10441 CX1044P CX10453G
CX10463/GRC-1-( CX10487ASN CX1049
CX104A CX10507G4-5 CX10507G45
CX10508G6FT CX10509G12FT3IN CX10510G18FT
CX10512G CX10514G10FT CX10521G10FT4IN
CX10524G5FT CX10574ARC CX10574ARC131
CX10615G11FT CX1072R CX10763GRC10303FT61
CX10766GR25FT CX10766GR27FT CX10774U136
CX1077M CX108 CX1081
CX1081APAC CX1081M CX1081Q
CX1082 CX10863FSQ75V CX108DW
CX109 CX10913GCC CX10A011
CX10A011102 CX10A013 CX10N
CX1100 CX1101 CX11016/G
CX110166-6FT CX1101666FT CX11016G
CX11016G6FT CX11016G6FT91N CX1101M-T1
CX1101MT1 CX1102 CX1102M
CX110667M CX1110 CX1110BS
CX1111 CX1113 CX1114
CX1119 CX1119A CX11230AG
CX11239 CX1124 CX1125
CX11250 CX11252 CX11252-
CX11252-11 CX11252-15 CX1125211
CX1125215 CX1125215001 CX11254-11
CX11254-11 TSSOP16 CX11254-11TSSOP16 CX11254-31
CX1125411 CX1125411TSSOP16 CX1125431
CX1126 CX11387 CX1140
CX1140 [F133] CX1140F133 CX1145
CX11504 CX1154 CX1157
CX11577 CX1157M CX1159
CX1162512 CX11627 CX11627-11
CX11627-13 CX11627-31 CX1162711
CX1162713 CX1162731 CX11632
CX11632-11P1 CX11632-11P2 CX1163211P1
CX1163211P2 CX11634-11 CX1163411
CX11637 CX11637-11 CX11637-21
CX11637-31 CX11637-41 CX1163711
CX1163721 CX1163731 CX1163741
CX11641 CX11641-1 CX11641-11
CX116411 CX1164111 CX11645
CX11645-1 CX11645-11 CX116451
CX1164511 CX11646 CX11646-11
CX1164611 CX1165 CX1167
CX1167Q CX1168 CX1172
CX11727G6FT CX1175M CX1178
CX1178Q CX1180 CX1191
CX1191M CX1191P CX1191S
CX11979U15FT CX1198 CX11987U3FT
CX11989U3FT CX119917119 CX11992G9FT
CX11AF-11.289MHZ CX11AF-14.31818MHZ CX11E
CX11F CX11F-44.000MHZ CX11F016001500S
CX11F1431818 CX11F1431818MHZ CX11F14318MHZ
CX11F16777216KH CX11F20000MHZ CX11F245763030
CX11F245763030H20 CX11F250002020 CX11F27000KHZ
CX11F31104KHZ CX11F4915200KHZ CX11F50000MHZ
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