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Catalog: part index from HC47U to HC491UXSMD...

HC47U HC48 HC48-1-A
HC480X640B6085DEN HC4810 HC48140
HC4818HT HC481A HC481AP
HC481APOW HC4836 HC4851
HC4851A HC4851ADR2 HC4852
HC4852A HC4852ADR2 HC4860M
HC48C HC48SM20 HC48SM2680020F
HC48T HC48U5185 HC48USMDB40000000MHZ
HC49 HC49 / SM-23 . 04-20 HC49 20 50 10 30 4.0MHz
HC49 20.000 MHZ HC49 20MHZ 30PF (77A2000A) HC49 20PF-20.00MHZ
HC49 20PF50.0000 HC49 32PF HC49 4.0960MHZ
HC49 4MHZ30/30/-20+85/22/ HC49 50.000MHZ HC49 6.176 MHZ
HC49 SIZE HC49 U4H 30PPM HC49 U4SMD 15.360MHZ
HC49 U4SMD 15.360MHZ HC49-000000M HC49-1H
HC49-2.4576M HC49-2.4809M-GT HC49-20-1.84
HC49-20-4.00 HC49-20-4.19 HC49-20-50-10.30
HC49-20.000 HC49-20.0000MHZ HC49-20.000M
HC49-20.000M-G HC49-20.250MHZ HC49-20.8333M
HC49-20PF HC49-22.1184-.0155 HC49-22.1184-0.155PF
HC49-22.5792MHZ HC49-23.400M HC49-24.000M
HC49-24.576M HC49-24.576MHZ HC49-24MHZ
HC49-25.0000MHz HC49-25.000MHZ HC49-25.OM 12PF
HC49-29.4912M HC49-3.072M HC49-3.1200M
HC49-3.579545 HC49-3.579545M HC49-3.5795MHZ
HC49-3.6864MHZ HC49-30.000MHZ HC49-34.000M
HC49-35.25-18 HC49-35.250M HC49-36.000M
HC49-36.8640 HC49-38.000M HC49-38.000MHz-SMD
HC49-4 HC49-4 22PF HC49-4 4MHZ 30PF
HC49-4.0000M HC49-4.096M HC49-4.194304M
HC49-4.51616M HC49-4.9152M HC49-40.000M
HC49-40.32-18 HC49-40.320M HC49-40.750M
HC49-48.000M HC49-49.984375MHZ HC49-4H
HC49-4H 10.24MHZ HC49-4H 11.0592MHZ HC49-4H 12.0MHZ
HC49-4H 12.288MHZ HC49-4H 14.318181MHZ HC49-4H 16.0MHZ
HC49-4H 16.384MHZ HC49-4H 20.0MHZ HC49-4H 22.1184MHZ
HC49-4H 25.0MHZ 30PF HC49-4H 4.032MHZ HC49-4H 4.096MHZ
HC49-4H 40.0MHZ HC49-4H 7.3728MHZ HC49-4H SR 20.0
HC49-4H-10.24M HC49-4H-11.0590MHZ HC49-4H-11.0592M
HC49-4H-12.0M HC49-4H-14.31818M HC49-4H-16.0M
HC49-4H-22.1184MHZ HC49-4H-25.000MHZ HC49-4H-4.032M
HC49-4H-4.096MHZ HC49-4H-40.0MHZHZ HC49-4H-7.3728M
HC49-4H-9.8304MHZ HC49-4H/I12.288M HC49-4H/I12.288M3
HC49-4H/I12.288M30PF HC49-4H18.432M30/30P HC49-4H18.432M30/50
HC49-4H18.432M30/50 (218-43 HC49-4H4032M HC49-4HSMX20-25-32FUN
HC49-4U HC49-5.0000M HC49-5.1200M
HC49-5.3760M HC49-5.4000M HC49-50.000M-G
HC49-50.5667M HC49-50.590M HC49-50.883M
HC49-500.00KHZ HC49-56-448I HC49-56.448MHZ
HC49-6.000-20PF HC49-6.1200M HC49-6.144
HC49-6.1440M HC49-6.1760M HC49-8.0000M
HC49-8.0640M HC49-8.1903M HC49-8.192-20PF
HC49-8.1920M HC49-9.2160M HC49-9.6000M
HC49-9.83-20 HC49-9.8304M HC49-9.9840M
HC49-S/8MHZ HC49-SMD 27.000 MHz HC49-SMD 20.000 MHz
HC49-SMD 28.900 MHz HC49-U HC49-U-8.00MHZ
HC49-U-8.00MHZ, HC49-U20-30-10-30 HC49-U4H SMD 12MHZ
HC49-US-24. MHZ HC49-US-3.6864M HC49/24.000MHZ
HC49/25MH3 HC49/3.5712 HC49/4
HC49/4 16.384MHZ HC49/4 9.8304MHZ HC49/4 SMD 14.31818MHZ
HC49/4-6.00Mhz HC49/4-7.3728MHz HC49/403C
HC49/403C 19.584MHZ HC49/416.3840MHZ HC49/4H 14.31818M
HC49/4H 16MHZ HC49/4H 7,37280MHZ 30PF HC49/4H SMX 15,36M
HC49/4H-20 HC49/4H-3.6864 HC49/4H-4MHZ 30PF
HC49/4H/25.0MHZ-E2500A HC49/4H12MHZ HC49/4HMS50/100/30/30FUBDB
HC49/4HSMX HC49/4HSMX 14.31818 HC49/4HSMX 29,4912 M
HC49/4HSMX-4.91 HC49/4HSMX4.915 HC49/4HSMY
HC49/8.192 HC49/S 20.000MHZ HC49/S-SMD 5MM 20MHZ
HC49/S-SMD 5MM 20MHZ, HC49/S-SMD5MM20MHZ. HC49/S3.579MHZ
HC49/S36.864(18PF)MHZ HC49/SM-23.040 HC49/SMD-6.1440Mhz
HC49/SMX-3.6864 HC49/SMX-4.00-PO0400IOEDAFL HC49/SMX-4.0000 10/50
HC49/SMX-40.6650-20/50 HC49/SMX-40.6950-20/50 HC49/SMX4-11.0592 MHZ
HC49/SMXE 24.576 HC49/SMXEG-20.00 HC49/SS2 25MHZ
HC49/SSMD 5MM 20MHZ HC49/U 61,116 MHZ HC49/U 65,813 MHZ
HC49/U 20.480-20 HC49/U 22.1184-S- HC49/U 22.1184-S-P
HC49/U 24MHz HC49/U 26.6950-30T HC49/U 28.224M-IS
HC49/U 3.579545 HC49/U 3.58MHZ HC49/U 30MHZ
HC49/U 32.256-18-F-3L HC49/U 33MHZ HC49/U 4.096MHZ
HC49/U 4.800 HC49/U 4.9152MHZ HC49/U 5.185
HC49/U 5.5295 HC49/U 56.448M HC49/U 6.144 MHZ
HC49/U 8.192 HC49/U(4.0MHZ) HC49/U, .281.358
HC49/U-/4.4336MHZ HC49/U-2.000 HC49/U-2.4576
HC49/U-20.000 HC49/U-20.000-I HC49/U-21.855MHZ
HC49/U-22.1184-I HC49/U-25.000-I HC49/U-27.000MHZ
HC49/U-28.63636 HC49/U-29.4912-I-M HC49/U-3.579545
HC49/U-3.579545MHZ HC49/U-3.6864 HC49/U-3.9321MHZ
HC49/U-36.8614MHZ HC49/U-36.864MHZ HC49/U-39321
HC49/U-4-10.00 HC49/U-4-11.0592 HC49/U-4-12.000
HC49/U-4-16.00 HC49/U-4-16.000 HC49/U-4-18.432
HC49/U-4-19.6608 HC49/U-4-3.579545 HC49/U-4-3.6864
HC49/U-4-32.000 HC49/U-4-4.000 HC49/U-4-4.9152
HC49/U-4-5.000000 HC49/U-4-7.3728 HC49/U-4-8.000 30/50/
HC49/U-4.000 HC49/U-4.000000 HC49/U-4.000M-ET / 20PF
HC49/U-4.194304 HC49/U-4.608MHZ HC49/U-4.9152
HC49/U-40.000MHZ HC49/U-40.320 HC49/U-40.320-I
HC49/U-40.320M18PF HC49/U-5 HC49/U-5.760
HC49/U-50.000MHZ HC49/U-56.448-18 HC49/U-56.448MHZ
HC49/U-6.000 HC49/U-6.5539 HC49/U-8.000
HC49/U-8.000I HC49/U-9.216 HC49/U-9.8304M18PF
HC49/U-9.8304MHZ HC49/U-90 15MHZ HC49/U-S-4.0MHZ
HC49/U-S23.7568MHZ HC49/U-S3.072MHZ HC49/U-S4.09600MABIB
HC49/U-S9.8304MHZ HC49/U-SMX-4.000 HC49/U-SMX-4.9152
HC49/U22.1184SP HC49/U27.000MHZ HC49/U27000MHZ
HC49/U2H-SMD* HC49/U3.579545MHZ HC49/U3.579546-18PF [RA1100
HC49/U3.579MHZ HC49/U3.6864MHz HC49/U32.256-18-F-3L
HC49/U333R27-002 HC49/U34 16.000M HC49/U3H-14.74
HC49/U3H-14.7456MHZ- HC49/U3H-14.7456MHZ-12 HC49/U3H-14.7456MHZ-12PF
HC49/U3H14.7456MHZ12PF HC49/U4.43MHZ HC49/u4C
HC49/U4H10.75M-IS HC49/U4MHZ50/50-1 HC49/U4MHZ50/50-1-SUN
HC49/UA4MHZ HC49/US-24.576000MHZ HC49/US-32MHZ
HC49/US-4.000MHZ/AD9 HC49/US-4.194304MHZ HC49/US-9.34100MBBJTR
HC49/US-SMX-4.433619 HC49/US/SMD 6.144MH* HC49/US/SMD 6144MH*
HC49/US25M1 HC49/US25M1, HC49/US4.000MHZ
HC49/USM4PAD-011M059200BR HC49/USM4PAD-014M318100BR HC49/USMDB20M
HC49/UX 20.000 HC49/UX 25.000 HC49/V 4.00MHZ 10PPM
HC49/V-3.6864MH HC49/V20.000MHZ HC49/V4.00MHZ10PPM.
HC490 HC49000000M HC4902400030
HC4902400030ILS HC4910 HC491024015
HC491024015500101 HC4910245 HC4910808M
HC4911000MG HC49110592 HC49110592M
HC49112896M HC491154127M HC491198135M
HC4911MM HC4912000M HC4912000MGT
HC49120M HC4912288M HC4912352M
HC491250 HC4912500 HC4912500HM6
HC4912960M HC4913H HC4914
HC4914000MGT HC49141523M HC491431818
HC4914318180 HC49147456M HC4915
HC4915000000KHZ HC49153 HC4915360
HC491536011M HC491544 HC4916128
HC49163840 HC49163842M HC4916384M
HC49165888 HC4916934400KHZ HC49169344M
HC4916AR-18 HC4916AR-20 HC4916AR18
HC4916AR20 HC4916M HC49176256MG
HC49176256MGT HC491789773M HC4918432M
HC4918432M12PF HC491856M HC4918867M
HC4919600MG HC49196608M HC491H
HC491N HC491S HC491U
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