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Catalog: part index from HC49U-ZBG0542 to HC49U3H5050040...

HC49U-ZBG0542 HC49U/3.579545 HC49U/3.6864
HC49U/3.84/C/B/F/000/1/BE HC49U/4.194304 HC49U/4.9152
HC49U/4.9152/C/B/F/200 HC49U/5-3.6864MHZ150 HC49U/5MHZ
HC49U/6.000MHZ HC49U/8.000/C/B/F/000/1 HC49U/8.0000MHZ
HC49U/8.192/C/B/F/000/1 HC49U/N 32.768 HC49U/N-8.1920MHz
HC49U/N6.176MHZ HC49U/S 4.9152MHZ 30PF HC49U/S-25MHZ 18P
HC49U/S-4.918MHZ HC49U/S-SMD-20M-18PF HC49U/S-SMD-4.0M-30P
HC49U/SMD(SMX-3F) 4MHz HC49U/SMD(SMX3F)4MHz HC49U0184-32
HC49U018432 HC49U0204-32 HC49U020432
HC49U02097-32 HC49U0209732 HC49U020S
HC49U0218-32 HC49U021832 HC49U02223579545
HC49U024-30 HC49U02430 HC49U0250-32
HC49U025032 HC49U0256-32 HC49U025632
HC49U0298-32 HC49U029832 HC49U0300-32
HC49U030032 HC49U0307-32 HC49U030732
HC49U0327-32 HC49U032732 HC49U0357-18
HC49U0357-32 HC49U035718 HC49U035732
HC49U036-32 HC49U03632 HC49U0393-32
HC49U039332 HC49U03C HC49U040-32
HC49U04032 HC49U0409-32 HC49U040932
HC49U041-32 HC49U04132 HC49U0419-32
HC49U041932 HC49U0443-32 HC49U044332
HC49U0450T HC49U0460-32 HC49U046032
HC49U0491-32 HC49U049132 HC49U0500-32
HC49U050032 HC49U0506-32 HC49U050632
HC49U050WT-32 HC49U050WT32 HC49U0512-32
HC49U051232 HC49U0518-32 HC49U051832
HC49U052-32 HC49U05232 HC49U0600-32
HC49U060032 HC49U0614-32 HC49U061432
HC49U0627-15 HC49U062715 HC49U06272-15
HC49U0627215 HC49U06272155 HC49U0640-32
HC49U064032 HC49U0655-32 HC49U065532
HC49U0676-10 HC49U067610 HC49U06766-32
HC49U0676632 HC49U0715-32 HC49U071532
HC49U0737-32 HC49U073732 HC49U076-32
HC49U07632 HC49U080-32 HC49U08032
HC49U08097-32 HC49U0809732 HC49U0819-19
HC49U0819-32 HC49U081919 HC49U081932
HC49U092-30 HC49U0921-30 HC49U0921-32
HC49U092130 HC49U092132 HC49U09216-30
HC49U0921630 HC49U09230 HC49U098-32
HC49U09832 HC49U0FB1F182700 HC49U1
HC49U10 HC49U1000-32 HC49U10000
HC49U10000000KHZ HC49U10000S HC49U1000305010
HC49U100032 HC49U1000505010 HC49U1001420F
HC49U1016934 HC49U1020M HC49U1024-15
HC49U102415 HC49U10245-32 HC49U1024532
HC49U1024576 HC49U104799010 HC49U1061-32
HC49U106132 HC49U10MH HC49U11-0592
HC49U1100-32 HC49U11000 HC49U11000000KHZ
HC49U110032 HC49U1105-30 HC49U1105-32
HC49U110530 HC49U110532 HC49U11059-32
HC49U110592 HC49U1105920F HC49U11059218PF
HC49U11059230PF HC49U110592M HC49U110592M22P
HC49U110592MZH HC49U1105932 HC49U11112KHZ
HC49U1114-32 HC49U111432 HC49U11155MH
HC49U11700 HC49U1185000M HC49U11M0592MPC
HC49U12 HC49U12-288 HC49U12-288MEG
HC49U120-20 HC49U120-32 HC49U12000
HC49U1200000 HC49U12000000 HC49U12000000S
HC49U1200020 HC49U12000I HC49U12000S
HC49U12020 HC49U1202457622L HC49U12032
HC49U122-30 HC49U12230 HC49U1228-32
HC49U122832 HC49U12288 HC49U1228822
HC49U12288M HC49U12288M20P HC49U12288MEG
HC49U12316000312VL HC49U125829MH HC49U12635328
HC49U12635328L HC49U12M HC49U12MH
HC49U132 HC49U13500 HC49U1356-10
HC49U1356-HT HC49U135610 HC49U1356205006032
HC49U1356HT HC49U13875000KHZ HC49U1400-32
HC49U140032 HC49U140320 HC49U1431-32
HC49U143132 HC49U1431818 HC49U1431818M
HC49U1431818MH HC49U14745 HC49U147456
HC49U14745618PF HC49U147456M HC49U1500-32
HC49U150032 HC49U152416 HC49U1524219
HC49U153-10 HC49U153-20 HC49U15310
HC49U15320 HC49U1536-10HT HC49U1536-20
HC49U153610HT HC49U153620 HC49U160-32
HC49U16000 HC49U16000000KHZ HC49U16000M50PPM
HC49U16020 HC49U16032 HC49U160M20PF50P
HC49U160M20PF50PP HC49U1638-16 HC49U1638-32
HC49U163815 HC49U163816 HC49U163832
HC49U16384SR HC49U16588 HC49U166-32
HC49U16632 HC49U16M HC49U16MH
HC49U170748CBF0001 HC49U17734475 HC49U17734475KHZ
HC49U17796880 HC49U17SMD HC49U180-20
HC49U180-20HKC HC49U1800-32 HC49U180032
HC49U18020 HC49U18020HKC HC49U1843-20
HC49U1843-32 HC49U18432 HC49U184320
HC49U18432S HC49U184332 HC49U186875
HC49U18P HC49U19200 HC49U196608
HC49U196608M HC49U1T HC49U2
HC49U2-20 HC49U2.4576MHZ HC49U20
HC49U20.000000MHZ HC49U20.0000MHZ HC49U20.000MHZ
HC49U20.00M HC49U20.0MHZ30P HC49U20.25MHZ
HC49U2000 HC49U2000-20 HC49U2000-32
HC49U20000 HC49U2000020 HC49U20000I
HC49U20000M HC49U20000SF HC49U200020
HC49U200032 HC49U2000M HC49U20015S
HC49U200M20PF5010 HC49U200M20PF50100 HC49U200M22PF
HC49U2027-12 HC49U202712 HC49U20301030
HC49U20480 HC49U20480MTW HC49U2048MHZ
HC49U20501030PF HC49U20M HC49U20PF20K
HC49U21855 HC49U22.1184 HC49U22.1184-S-P
HC49U22.1184MHZ HC49U220 HC49U221184
HC49U22118401 HC49U221184I HC49U221184SP
HC49U22140.000KHZ HC49U22140000KHZ HC49U22325000
HC49U23MHZ HC49U24.000000MHZ20PF50PPM HC49U24.000MHZ
HC49U24.576MHZ HC49U2400-32 HC49U24000
HC49U24000.14KHZ HC49U2400014KHZ HC49U24000MHZ
HC49U240032 HC49U2419-32 HC49U241932
HC49U2457-32 HC49U245732 HC49U24576
HC49U2457600MHZ HC49U24576MHZ HC49U24MHZ
HC49U250-30 HC49U2500-30 HC49U25000020F
HC49U25000I HC49U25000M32PF HC49U250030
HC49U25030 HC49U26.6250MHZ HC49U26695030T
HC49U26835328 HC49U2698-32 HC49U269832
HC49U27.0000 HC49U2700 HC49U270000
HC49U27000MHZ HC49U271-32 HC49U27132
HC49U27MHz HC49U27PFQuartz26540MHZ HC49U28.63636
HC49U28.63636MHZ HC49U28224MHZ HC49U28224MIS
HC49U285P029A5 HC49U285P139A HC49U286363
HC49U2863636 HC49U28636363 HC49U286363630
HC49U294-12 HC49U29412 HC49U294912
HC49U29491218 HC49U294912I HC49U294912IM
HC49U3 HC49U3 4194.304KHZ* HC49U3 4194304KHZ*
HC49U3.2768MHZ HC49U3.579545 HC49U3.57954518
HC49U3.579545MHZ HC49U3.5795MHZ HC49U3.6864MHZ
HC49U3000 HC49U3000-10 HC49U3000-20
HC49U300010 HC49U300020 HC49U305010PF
HC49U3072.000KHZ HC49U3072000KHZ HC49U30PF4085C
HC49U31872 HC49U32.000MHZ HC49U3200-32
HC49U32000S3OT HC49U320032 HC49U322238
HC49U3225618F3L HC49U3276.8KHZ HC49U32768000KHZ
HC49U32768KHZ HC49U32MAHZ HC49U333R27002
HC49U338688 HC49U3416000M HC49U34194304KHZ
HC49U34194304KHZ* HC49U3439015 HC49U35.2512MHZ
HC49U35.328MHZ HC49U357954 HC49U3579545
HC49U357954516 HC49U357954518 HC49U3579545KHZ
HC49U3579545M HC49U3579545M18PF HC49U3579545MH
HC49U3581198135VL HC49U368-32 HC49U36832
HC49U36864 HC49U368640 HC49U36864MH
HC49U36864MHZ HC49U36864S HC49U36884S
HC49U380-20 HC49U3800-18 HC49U380018
HC49U38020 HC49U384CBF0001BE HC49U39.3216MHZ
HC49U396-32 HC49U39632 HC49U3H
HC49U3H 11.52MHZ * HC49U3H 1152MHZ * HC49U3H 50/50/0-40/*
HC49U3H11.0592 HC49U3H1152MHZ HC49U3H1152MHZ*
HC49U3H1474 HC49U3H147456MHZ HC49U3H147456MHZ12PF
HC49U3H4.1943MHZ HC49U3H5050040
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