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Catalog: part index from SG51K-5112A to SG51P11059MC...

SG51K-5112A SG51K/16.0000M SG51K/16.00MHz
SG51K/16.00MHz C SG51K016.000 OSC. SG51K016000OSC
SG51K0242A SG51K02500000 SG51K03276800
SG51K04194304 SG51K07159000 SG51K10
SG51K10.0000MC SG51K10.0000MHZC SG51K10.0000MHZC-EPS
SG51K10.9800MHZ SG51K100000MC SG51K100637MC
SG51K10063MC SG51K10083MC SG51K10240MC
SG51K10960MC SG51K109800MC SG51K10980MC
SG51K11059200 SG51K110592MH SG51K1132A
SG51K1145A SG51K120 SG51K120000MB
SG51K12000MHZ SG51K122880M SG51K122880MC
SG51K12288M SG51K12500MC SG51K12952000MC
SG51K12952MC SG51K12OM SG51K14.138138
SG51K140000M SG51K147456MC SG51K14M
SG51K1536M SG51K15M SG51K16
SG51K16.000MHZ SG51K16.3000MHZ SG51K160000
SG51K1600000MH SG51K160000MC SG51K1600MH
SG51K16128MC SG51K16384M SG51K16384MC
SG51K16MHZ SG51K177344MC SG51K17734MC
SG51K18 SG51K18000MC SG51K18181MB
SG51K184320M SG51K18432MC SG51K188696
SG51K196608MC SG51K19660MC SG51K20
SG51K20000 SG51K200000 SG51K200000MC
SG51K200M SG51K2022A SG51K2072A
SG51K20M SG51K24 SG51K240000HZ
SG51K240000MC SG51K24000MC SG51K245760MC
SG51K24576M SG51K247040MC SG51K24704MB
SG51K24704MC SG51K250000MC SG51K25000MC
SG51K2500MC SG51K251720MC SG51K25172MC
SG51K251740MC SG51K25174MC SG51K251750MC
SG51K25175M SG51K25175MC SG51K2576M
SG51K26000MC SG51K3 SG51K3000MC
SG51K30880MC SG51K3088MC SG51K3162A
SG51K3262A SG51K3452A SG51K3462A
SG51K36864 SG51K3686MC SG51K377359MC
SG51K4.000 SG51K4.0960MHZ SG51K4000
SG51K402 SG51K4022A20000 SG51K4022A200000
SG51K40M SG51K419152M SG51K49152
SG51K49152M SG51K49152MHEC SG51K50318
SG51K50318M SG51K50318MC SG51K5031MC
SG51K5112A SG51K6060MC SG51K60800MC
SG51K6080MC SG51K60M SG51K73728
SG51K8000 SG51K80000M SG51K80000MC
SG51K8000MB SG51K8000MC SG51K8080MC
SG51K9600MC SG51K98304M SG51KC
SG51KC11.0592-000 SG51KC110592000 SG51KC250000000
SG51KC327680000 SG51KC419430000 SG51KC715900000
SG51KH SG51KH 40MHZ SG51KH-0472A
SG51KH-32 SG51KH-40 SG51KH-40.0000
SG51KH-40.000MHZ SG51KH-400000MHZ SG51KH-42.9496MB
SG51KH-44.900MHZ SG51KH0485A33 SG51KH1342A33.3333MHZ
SG51KH2012A SG51KH2282A SG51KH2292A
SG51KH3042A400000M SG51KH3042A400000MH SG51KH32
SG51KH320000 SG51KH325140MC SG51KH32514MC
SG51KH32514MR SG51KH327680M SG51KH33000MC
SG51KH33333MC SG51KH3502A SG51KH36000000
SG51KH360000MC SG51KH36000MC SG51KH3773584
SG51KH37735MC SG51KH3774000MC SG51KH37740M
SG51KH37740MC SG51KH380005MC SG51KH38000MC
SG51KH388800 SG51KH4 SG51KH40
SG51KH40.000MHZ SG51KH400000 SG51KH400000M
SG51KH400000MC SG51KH40000MC SG51KH4082-33.3333M
SG51KH42.9496MHZ SG51KH4222A40000M SG51KH4252A
SG51KH429496MB SG51KH42949MB SG51KH440000
SG51KH44900MC SG51KH5000 SG51KH50000
SG51KH500000MC SG51KH5000M SG51KH503500MC
SG51KH50350MC SG51KH550000MC SG51KH55000MC
SG51KHC360000000 SG51KT SG51KT 46.2000MHZ
SG51KT-46.2000MHZC SG51KT1492A SG51KT260000
SG51KT26000000 SG51KT27700000 SG51KT280000MC
SG51KT28000MC SG51KT28636MB SG51KT300000MH
SG51KT325140MC SG51KT32514MC SG51KT327680MC
SG51KT32768MC SG51KT333000MH SG51KT33333
SG51KT34188MC SG51KT360000MC SG51KT36000MC
SG51KTC260000000 SG51KTC277000000 SG51L
SG51L3000MC SG51O-15.000MC SG51P
SG51P 16.0000Mhz SG51P 12.0000Mhz SG51P 15.3600Mhz
SG51P 16.000MHZ SG51P 10.000MHZ SG51P 1,8432 MHZ C G5P00
SG51P 1.8432M C SG51P 1.8432MHZ SG51P 10,0000 MHZ C G5P00
SG51P 10,2400 MHZ C SG51P 11,0000 MHZ C G5P0B SG51P 11.0592MHZ
SG51P 12,0000 MHZ C G5P00 SG51P 12,2880 MHZ C G5P0017 SG51P 12,5000 MHZ C G5P01
SG51P 12.0000M C SG51P 12.2880MHZ SG51P 12.5MHZ
SG51P 14,3180 MHZ C SG51P 14.7456 mhz SG51P 15,0000 MHZ C G5P00
SG51P 1544MC SG51P 16,0000 MHZ C G5P00 SG51P 16.0000MHZ
SG51P 16.9344MHZ SG51P 18,4320 MHZ C G5P00 SG51P 19,6608 MHZ C G5P00
SG51P 19.4400MHZ SG51P 19.6608MHZ SG51P 4.0000M C
SG51P 4.9152MHZ SG51P TJ0112B SG51P(1.8432MHZ C)
SG51P(10.7520MHZ C) SG51P(10MHZ B) SG51P(16.0000MHZ)
SG51P(16.3840MHZ C) SG51P(16MHZ C) SG51P(4.0960MHZ C)
SG51P(4.9152MHZ C) SG51P(4.9152MHz) SG51P- 16.0000MHZ
SG51P-08.000000C SG51P-1.5440 SG51P-1.5540MHz
SG51P-1.8432M SG51P-1.8432MC SG51P-1.8432MHZ
SG51P-1.8432MHZ-EPS SG51P-10.000 SG51P-10.000 MHZ
SG51P-10.0000M SG51P-10.0000MC SG51P-10.000MC
SG51P-10.000MC.. SG51P-10.000MHZ SG51P-10.00MHZCMOSTTL
SG51P-11.0592MHZ SG51P-11.289600C SG51P-12
SG51P-12-2880MHZ SG51P-12.0000MHZ SG51P-12.000MHZ
SG51P-12.5000 SG51P-12.50000MHZ SG51P-12.50MHZ/-100PPM
SG51P-12.50MHZ/-100PPM-EPS SG51P-12.9600MC SG51P-14.0000MB
SG51P-14.31818MC SG51P-14.3181MHZ SG51P-14.760MC
SG51P-15.00MHZ SG51P-15.00MHZ-EPS SG51P-16.0000
SG51P-16.000000C SG51P-16.0000MC SG51P-16.0000MHZ
SG51P-16.000MC SG51P-16.000MHZ-C SG51P-16.0MHZ
SG51P-16.667M-C SG51P-18.4320MHZ SG51P-18.4320MHZ-EPS
SG51P-18.8696MHZ-C SG51P-19.6608A4 SG51P-19.6608MHZCMOSTTL
SG51P-19.6608MHZCMOSTTL-EPS SG51P-19.9600MHZC SG51P-2242A
SG51P-4.0000M SG51P-4.0000MC SG51P-4.0000MHZ
SG51P-4.000MHZ SG51P-4.0960M SG51P-4.73000MC
SG51P-4.7300MHZ SG51P-4.9152MHz SG51P-4MHZ
SG51P/16.38MHZ SG51P/16.9344MHZ SG51P/4182A/16.2570MHZ
SG51P01228800 SG51P01288800 SG51P02000000
SG51P02048000 SG51P04000000 SG51P04000000C
SG51P04194304 SG51P06000000 SG51P07680000
SG51P08000000C SG51P08192000 SG51P09830400
SG51P1.8432 SG51P1.8432MC SG51P1.8432MHZ
SG51P1.8432MHZ100PPMTU SG51P1.8432MHZC SG51P10.000000MHZC
SG51P10.000MC SG51P10.000MHZ SG51P10.00MHZCMOSTTL
SG51P10.0MHZ100PPMTU SG51P10.240MHZ SG51P10000
SG51P100000 SG51P10000000C SG51P100000M
SG51P100000MC SG51P10000MC SG51P102400MC
SG51P10240MC SG51P10M-C SG51P10MC
SG51P11.0592MHZ SG51P11000MC SG51P11059200
SG51P110592MC SG51P110592MHZ SG51P11059MC
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