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Catalog: part index from 28F008BVTBL10 to 28F0101K20B...

28F008BVTBL10 28F008C3 28F008CHTTL12
28F008CVB70 28F008E28F008SA-120 28F008E28F008SA120
28F008FSA85 28F008GA85 28F008JA120
28F008LH28F008SAT-12 28F008LH28F008SAT-85 28F008LH28F008SAT12
28F008LH28F008SAT85 28F008RFB 28F008S3
28F008S3-120 28F008S3-120SB15 28F008S3-150
28F008S3-85 28F008S3120 28F008S312033V
28F008S3120S 28F008S3120SB15 28F008S3120SB80
28F008S3150 28F008S315027V 28F008S385
28F008S5 28F008S5-120 28F008S5-85
28F008S5085 28F008S5100 28F008S5100SL2L
28F008S5100SL2LL 28F008S5120 28F008S51205V
28F008S51205VO 28F008S51205VRFB 28F008S5120808707
28F008S585 28F008S585-SMD 28F008S5855
28F008S5855V 28F008S585ES 28F008S585S
28F008S585SB48 28F008S585SB80 28F008S585SMD
28F008S585SV 28F008S85 28F008SA
28F008SA-100 28F008SA-120 28F008SA-120INTL
28F008SA-120L 28F008SA-200L 28F008SA-200LINTL
28F008SA-85 28F008SA-90 28F008SA-90T
28F008SA-L 28F008SA-L200 28F008SA10
28F008SA100 28F008SA100INT 28F008SA100SB48
28F008SA100SM95 28F008SA110 28F008SA12
28F008SA120 28F008SA120CHIP 28F008SA120ES
28F008SA120FLASH8M 28F008SA120I 28F008SA120INTL
28F008SA120L 28F008SA120PA 28F008SA120Q110
28F008SA120SMD 28F008SA140 28F008SA150
28F008SA200L 28F008SA200LINTL 28F008SA85
28F008SA85-SMD 28F008SA85ES 28F008SA85FLASH8M
28F008SA85PA 28F008SA85PU 28F008SA85RFB
28F008SA85S 28F008SA85SB48801345 28F008SA85SB89
28F008SA85SMD 28F008SA90 28F008SA90RFB
28F008SA90T 28F008SAB5 28F008SAHR85
28F008SAHT85 28F008SAHTK12 28F008SAL
28F008SAL200 28F008SAN-85 28F008SAN-Z2
28F008SAN12 28F008SAN22 28F008SAN8
28F008SAN85 28F008SANZ2 28F008SAR
28F008SAR-85 28F008SAR85 28F008SAR85TDOTS
28F008SARK85 28F008SARL85 28F008SASC120
28F008SASMI 28F008SAT 28F008SAT-12
28F008SAT-20 28F008SAT-25 28F008SAT-85
28F008SAT-85SHRP 28F008SAT-K85 28F008SAT-Z0
28F008SAT12 28F008SAT20 28F008SAT25
28F008SAT70 28F008SAT80 28F008SAT85
28F008SAT85120 28F008SAT85RFB 28F008SAT85SHRP
28F008SAT85TSOP40PIN 28F008SATK85 28F008SATL85
28F008SATS85 28F008SATZ0 28F008SATZA
28F008SATZO 28F008SC 28F008SC-120
28F008SC120 28F008SC1203 28F008SC12033V
28F008SC85 28F008SCB-LF85 28F008SCB-ZA
28F008SCB85 28F008SCBLF85 28F008SCBZA
28F008SCHB 28F008SCHR85 28F008SCHT
28F008SCHT-Z5 28F008SCHT85 28F008SCHTL12
28F008SCHTL85 28F008SCHTZ2 28F008SCHTZ5
28F008SCN-V85 28F008SCNL85 28F008SCNV85
28F008SCR-V85 28F008SCR12 28F008SCR85
28F008SCRF85 28F008SCRL85 28F008SCRV12
28F008SCRV85 28F008SCRVF85 28F008SCT
28F008SCT-85 28F008SCT-F85 28F008SCT-T12
28F008SCT85 28F008SCT8S 28F008SCTF85
28F008SCTL 28F008SCTL12 28F008SCTL85
28F008SCTL85SHA 28F008SCTT12 28F008SCTV12
28F008SCTV85 28F008SCTVF85 28F008SH120
28F008ST100 28F008STHTL85 28F00B1SG6
28F00B1WG10 28F00B5B90 28F00BCT-120
28F00BCT120 28F00BUB60 28F00BVB-80
28F00BVB80 28F00BXB80 28F00BXT
28F00BXT1 28F00BXT120 28F00BXT150
28F00BZ 28F00FBXT60ES 28F00IBXTI20
28F00S585 28F00SA120 28F00SAT-85
28F00SAT05 28F00SAT85 28F01
28F010 28F010-100 28F010-100V05
28F010-12 28F010-12-SMD 28F010-120
28F010-120-AMD-DP 28F010-120-INT-DP 28F010-120C35C
28F010-120C3EC 28F010-120C3JC 28F010-120C3JI
28F010-120C3PC 28F010-120DC 28F010-120E
28F010-120EC 28F010-120ES 28F010-120FC
28F010-120INTL 28F010-120JC 28F010-120JI
28F010-120K6 28F010-120N 28F010-120P
28F010-120PC 28F010-120PI 28F010-12C3FML
28F010-12DHL 28F010-12FML 28F010-12FTNGK
28F010-12N 28F010-12P 28F010-12PD
28F010-12PF-G 28F010-12PL 28F010-12RJ
28F010-12TC 28F010-12W 28F010-15
28F010-150 28F010-150-AMD-DP 28F010-150-INT-DP
28F010-150C3 28F010-150C3EC 28F010-150C3JC
28F010-150C3PC 28F010-150CX3JC 28F010-150EC
28F010-150FC 28F010-150INTL 28F010-150JC
28F010-150JI 28F010-150NS 28F010-150NSSMD
28F010-150P1C4 28F010-150PC 28F010-150PI
28F010-150PIC4 28F010-150T5 28F010-156
28F010-15JC 28F010-15P 28F010-15PI
28F010-15RJ 28F010-1K20 28F010-20
28F010-20-INT-DP 28F010-200 28F010-200-INT-DP
28F010-200BXA 28F010-200C3 28F010-200C356
28F010-200C3JC 28F010-200C3PC 28F010-200INTL
28F010-200JC 28F010-200JI 28F010-200P1C4
28F010-200PC 28F010-200PI 28F010-200PIC4
28F010-20B 28F010-20C3J 28F010-20PI
28F010-240 28F010-25 28F010-25-B
28F010-25B 28F010-45 28F010-45JC
28F010-45PL 28F010-65 28F010-65-INT-DP
28F010-70 28F010-70JC 28F010-70PL
28F010-70T 28F010-90 28F010-90EC
28F010-90JC 28F010-90PC 28F010-90PL
28F010-90V05 28F010-95C3EC 28F010-95C3JC
28F010-95C3PC 28F010-95EC 28F010-95FC
28F010-95JC 28F010-95JI 28F010-95PC
28F010-C3EC 28F010-ES-200 28F010-NA15
28F010-TSOP 28F0100150PH29EE01 28F0101
28F0101-150PC 28F01010 28F010100
28F010100P1C4 28F010100V05 28F010100VO5
28F010100X05 28F0101024K 28F01010C3FML
28F0101150PC 28F01012 28F010120
28F0101201R2 28F010120200 28F0101208018
28F010120AMDDP 28F010120BUA 28F010120C35C
28F010120C3EC 28F010120C3JC 28F010120C3JI
28F010120C3PC 28F010120DC 28F010120E
28F010120EC 28F010120ES 28F010120ESF
28F010120FC 28F010120FLASH 28F010120INTDP
28F010120INTL 28F010120J 28F010120JC
28F010120JCN 28F010120JI 28F010120K6
28F010120N 28F010120P 28F010120P28F010120
28F010120PC 28F010120PI 28F010120RFB
28F010120S 28F010120SB48 28F010120SB80
28F010120TSOP 28F010120TSOP32 28F0101210
28F0101215 28F0101220 28F010124DDE
28F01012B 28F01012B36 28F01012C3FML
28F01012C3FMLTI 28F01012C4DDE 28F01012C4F
28F01012DHL 28F01012FML 28F01012FTNGK
28F01012N 28F01012P 28F01012PD
28F01012PDC9332PIN 28F01012PF 28F01012PFG
28F01012PFTNG 28F01012PL 28F01012RJ
28F01012SMD 28F01012TC 28F01012W
28F01015 28F010150 28F010150200
28F01015030T 28F01015090 28F010150AMDDP
28F010150C3 28F010150C3BXA 28F010150C3EC
28F010150C3J 28F010150C3JC 28F010150C3PC
28F010150CX3JC 28F010150EC 28F010150EOL
28F010150ES 28F010150FC 28F010150FLASH
28F010150GDP 28F010150IN 28F010150INTDP
28F010150INTL 28F010150JC 28F010150JCN
28F010150JI 28F010150KI 28F010150NS
28F010150NSSMD 28F010150P 28F010150P1
28F010150P1C4 28F010150PC 28F010150PCP
28F010150PH29EE01 28F010150PI 28F010150PIC4
28F010150PLLS 28F010150PRGM 28F010150RFB
28F010150SB15 28F010150T 28F010150T5
28F010150TN28F010150 28F010150TSOP8X20STD 28F010156
28F01015B 28F01015C3F 28F01015C3FMQ
28F01015C4DLL 28F01015JC 28F01015N
28F01015P 28F01015PI 28F01015Q
28F01015RJ 28F010170 28F010170P1C
28F010170P1C4 28F0101K12B 28F0101K12BM
28F0101K20 28F0101K20B
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